Da Juana’s Psychic Predictions Proof


Responsibility as a psychic is always a duty and shouldn’t be taken lightly. I don’t but I am also not always capable of stopping an event from happening. Just because I predict an event and it comes to pass does not mean that incident could have been stopped even though it could possibly have been prevented. Human beings, who have knowledge of the incident, have a tendency to take no heed to warnings until after the fact. Then they say that a psychic predicted that would happen.

In doing readings for people, I try to lay out a path that a person will take in their future. Many times I have told that person if certain events happen as I have said, then change the parts you don’t like. As humans we have a tendency to resist changing anything even if we know the outcome is bad. This is the same with the world. The human race, unless it changes its consciousness, will continue to walk a path that can lead to many dying.

Our President is doing a wonderful job of not taking instant revenge but trying to weigh all aspects instead. I am very proud of him for this. It will take the world working together to stop terrorism.   The United States cannot do it alone.

For too long, we have thought of ourselves as a Super Power. Now we have to start thinking of ourselves as one part of a whole, a Global Nation. The pattern could even be taken from our country in that we have many states that govern themselves but we are still part of the United States of America.

Each state is independent on their own but part of the whole. Like good neighbors, the states can count on each other. Our country was wise to become consolidated with other states into a larger nation because each local government assists the whole federal government when help is needed. We are stronger because of this.

Even in our judicial systems, people living in a state have the option to go to the Supreme Court of the United States if they are not thrilled by appeal to their own courts.

The United States is a “melting pot” of beings that make up one of the best countries with the most freedom in the world.

Using our pledge of allegiance let us consider that when the human race comes to the realization that we are all one indivisible under God, no matter what God is called, then we can start working together to make the world a better place. What happens to one happens to all. The quicker we realize this, the quicker we can build a better world.

My hope is that all countries band together to understand each other without casting stones at each other’s religions, cultures or people. Then we can begin to heal.   For so long, we in the United States have taken for granted our freedom. We have been relatively untouched by terrorism, which strikes others all over the world. Thinking we were above it all, we have grown fat on complacence.

Just in the last few years have we felt terror on our own shores. The Oklahoma bombing was one such event and now the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

On September 11, 2001 a friend of mine with whom I do radio called me that morning to tell my husband Claude and me to turn on the television. He said that a plane had just hit the World Trade Center.

When Claude turned on the television, I watched events I had envisioned in December come to life.

While doing my predictions in December, I did not say that the twin towers would come down but that was what I saw at the time. Instead I chose these words, “A new bomber like the uni-bomber will hit the US within a month and a half to a year and a half. The bombings may surprise us all as to whom is chosen.” I kept hearing that the uni-bomber sent his packages and I guess the terrorist did the same in the form of a plane that was used as a bomb.

The other part of the prediction was a plane going down over Ohio and this bothered me very much. Heroism from the people on board to keep the plane from killing more was unbelievable. Later I was to find that the plane had been flying over Ohio for a period of time before it crashed below Pittsburgh.

After the first plane had struck the first tower, I sat mesmerized by the scene and watched as the second plane flew in. Knowing what they had in mind left me frozen until the crime was over. A myriad of emotions flooded my soul. Empathy took over my body from the poor people in the planes knowing they were about to die and take many with them to the people in the towers who were watching as the planes came toward them.

Later I was able to talk with my husband.

Telling him why I had made my prediction as I had, I also said that I was surprised that they had not attempted to hit the White House or Washington D C. No sooner had I gotten the words from my mouth than did the news anchor announce that there seemed to be a fire in Washington D C but they did not know what it was.

As a psychic you are torn between wanting your predictions to manifest in order to prove you are good at what you do to hoping that the worst predictions do not happen. In giving prognostications, there are bad as well as the good and both have to be shared.   Watching the events unfold as predicted is a private punishment for me. I continued to punish myself throughout the day but my suffering was nothing compared to the suffering of the families left behind and the fears of people who knew they were about to die.

Later in the day, my friend, Russ, the on air radio personality who had called earlier in the day called while on the air. He asked about my prediction on the bombing that I had made on his show around the first of the year and if I saw anything further happening because of it.

My answer was that there was supposed to have been more killing than happened at the time of the Washington D C and World Trade Center bombings. As we have since learned, there was supposed to have been more hijackings. At the same time I told him that in the number four, either four days, weeks or months there would be more killing involving a backwards or up-side-down “L” from Israel.

If we are not very careful in our pursuit of vengeance, we may become the very people we are trying to punish.

Terrorism is a need to control, which is exhibited in events of destruction. A terrorist needs to manipulate others who do not think as he does. It may have to do with religion, culture, greed, power or even the country in which he is born. His fanaticism is directed at others who he feels is immoral, weak or evil. This gives the terrorist the emotional latitude to become a killer. The terrorist agenda is to bring others to his way of thinking either by propaganda or by fright. Media coverage is his ally because it offers the advantage of having those he wants to terrorize see what he has done. If he is able to convert one person in any way, then he feels he has made a difference.

There is a time to mourn and always a time to remember but we have to learn and grow stronger from the horrible assault we and the world suffered. From watching the fires, people around the world became unanimous in their thoughts that terrorism needs to die.

We need to become a United World who will no longer allow terrorist activity anywhere in our world.

Da Juana

Please let me know how you feel.

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Subject: DJ – WTC comments

Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001 12:39:41 -0500

I read your predictions the day of the attack and knew they were meant for this day. I just didn’t have the energy to respond to you at the time. About six months prior to Sept 11 I had a dream where a plane flew through a tall building in downtown Dallas. In my dream it looked EXACTLY like the planes going into the WTC. On that day when they kept showing it over and over, I couldn’t get that dream out of my head. It has shaken my very soul. At the time I had the dream, I worked in the Plaza of Americas building downtown and the building that the plane hit was the one right across the street at San Jacinto and Pearl (I don’t know the name of the building). It’s a bank building. I don’t know if this was a premonition or not, but I have a bad feeling about Dallas being the target of terrorism. I have 2 small boys, 2 & 5 years old and I’m very worried about what their lives may be like in the future. I hope we, as a world, can unite and bring about a happy ending where we all have grown for the better. I wish I could figure out how I could do my part in this. For now I pray since that is all I know to do. God bless and thank you for your insight that you share with us all.


Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 14:55:18 EDT

Subject: DJ – Predict01

Hi Da Juana. I’ve been following your predictions since your year 2000 predictions.

I want to comment upon one of them:

“A new bomber like the uni-bomber will hit the US within a month and a half to a year and a half. The bombings may surprise us all as to whom is chosen.”

When I first read this back in January I literally saw in my mind’s eyes airplanes bombing certain cities in the United States. In fact, my guides pretty much confirmed this would happen after I read it. I also got the strong feeling that it would occur in a city I was living in (I live in NY, but was considering moving to LA at the time).

On the night of September 10th, as I was falling asleep, I heard a voice say, “tomorrow there’ll be a bombing here in New York.” I knew it related to your prediction, but didn’t really want to deal with it at the time. I’m still learning how to handle this type of information when it comes through. But I knew it had to have some genuine basis as my mind was literally clear when it came through and I hadn’t been thinking anything like this in quite a while.

The rest, of course, is history.

But since then I’ve read your prediction over and over. Something didn’t quite fit — there seemed to be something I was missing.

Then I realized that every time I read your prediction, I was visualizing a “uni-bomber” as a military-type aircraft plane. But the uni-bomber (or unabomber) was Theodore John Kaczynski, the guy convicted of sending bombs to people through the mail.

Well, in the past two weeks politicians and media people have been receiving envelopes laced with anthrax. This is very similar to the unabomber’s methods.

I really think that your prediction had as much to do with the current anthrax mailings as with the September 11th terrorist attacks. Interestingly enough, the one prediction carried the energy of two events within it!!

Anyway, I just wanted to point that out. I hope you’re doing okay and wish you well.


Da Juana:

I am very concerned that you have “changed” your predictions to coincide with the horrible events of September 11. You say that you saw the twin towers but did not identify them.but chose to use “uni-bomber”.

The real uni-bomber is a ludite who targeted particular people. The hijackers were zealots who targeted the largest number of individuals (including hundreds of fellow Muslims) to create chaos and fear; without regard to who they were in particular. The uni-bomber is adamantly an atheist; the hijackers claim to be religious martyrs. This kind of thing makes men like “the incredible Randi” crow with delight at yet another fraud who twists their predictions to match events.

I have counseled with more than one psychic and am familiar with the vagueness of messages  and the ensuing problems that causes. However what you say you have done seems to me to do great damage to the credibility of psychics in general. It seems you should balance what you see with the possible effect of sharing it. I  cannot see how altering your vision to protect the public in some way serves your vocation in any way. Either put out the message or keep it to yourself. I was disturbed by your comments about Princess Diana’s death as this was another shifting to be able to claim you had made a big prediction correctly.

It is not my purpose to attack you but rather to open a dialogue about how you make your predictions and express my strong feelings about how “pure” those who choose to make public their premonitions need to be. All of us who choose to accept knowledge that does not necessarily flow from the common five senses are subjected to ridicule, hostility and attck at times for not conforming to the scientific line.


A S, I am sorry that I have let you down. It was not my intention to do so. When I get psychic impressions they don’t always tell me whether a person such as the Unabomber hated technology because I do not always get every minute detail. They only give me the thought of how it happened so that I can explain it to others. The thought crosses my mind, while giving predictions, that I am not one hundred percent. I choose to consider how this might make groups of people live in fear when they think that they might be the ones who die in the situation I describe. Living with the knowledge that one cannot help themselves or loved ones is not easy. I know!

You are right about the ridicule because I have lived with that too. My telling people after the fact what I was thinking was not meant to make them think that I had made a spectacular prediction but rather to let them know what I was thinking and how I was feeling so that they could use the information to benefit themselves. If you check my other predictions, you might see that I have a very good track record but this does not mean that I always want to be right. Many times I blame myself for being unable to prevent horrible events and go through a period of time in severe mourning because, even though I know I can’t, I think that I should be able to help everyone.

you know, I love to listen to you on the Russ Martin show, but I am very disapointed at your attempt to explain your prediction about the una bomber.  How  can running three planes into national landmarks remind you of having a package sent through the mail?  If anything, the anthrax being sent through the mail hits the mark.

The thing is, not ONE physic predicted this event.    If you actually saw the twin towers and knew you meant them while writting your prediction,  why were you so vague?  The only thing resembling your prediction was the word “bombing.”

Oh, and yes the pane did fly over Ohio, it also flew over several other states.  Please don’t try and insult us with your explanation.  Truth is, you missed this prediction.

Dear Da Juana

I am sorry you have to feel things so intensely – although I know that at the same time it is a gift.  I really appreciate your explanation of your predictions.

I am starting to accept that I am empathic, and perhaps somewhat psychic.  When I moved into the apartment I live in now a year and a half ago, I had this image of dark skies overhead with what appeared to be a war going on.  It was very distressing.

The few days before the attacks, however, I felt the presence of many spirits – and this amazing sense of calm, warmth and security – something that is quite unfamiliar to me. I also felt the presence of my grandfather, who passed on a year and a half ago.  These were all very comforting experiences.   And, based on previous experience I felt a question, like okay – what is going on?

Of course, the attacks were very distressing.  We also had a bomb scare in one of our buildings at work that day, in California.

I think that it was a terrible, awful thing to happen – However – It has made me wake up and start looking about my own role in the world.  It has made me look at my personal relationships, my prejudices I had not addressed, that I sort of ignored, because of course, I was too evolved to hold any prejudice.    I am using this experience to assess my own life and try to create more positive relationships with the people in my life, and also my cat.  I do think we need to become a united world, in the sense that we watch out for each other, and help each other – and at the same time maintain our wonderful delicious diversity.

My brother, sister, and brother in law are all in the military or military reserve.  I think about them quite a bit, and hope they won’t have to be involved.  I have never been exactly pro-military, but I do feel the need to support them at this time.  I did not vote for Bush, but I am glad that he did not retaliate immediately – and I hope that he, along with others in power, continues to carefully consider the consequences of our actions.   The thing that amazes me is that such a small number of people in the world can make things so dangerous for everyone else.

Take care.

And thank you for what you are doing.
– H (if this is posted, please keep my name anonymous – thank you)

Even negative events can have positive effects if people look them over and decide what can be done to keep this kind of horrific happening from occurring again. Da Juana

Subject: DJ – Predict01

Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 15:13:43 -0500

HI Da Juana. Several years ago I had interviewed with you to become a reader for your organization (I actually read for you!). I didn’t follow through

on it as I had too many things going on in my own life at the time.

I am also aware of events before they happen and early on the morning of September 11, I had a dream that a lion had been thrown through a large building, with glass flying everywhere, fire, explosions, many people screaming. I had the impression that the lion was dead and that this was a ‘final act.’ It was around 4:30AM (East Coast time). The dream was so disturbing that I sat up in bed, wondering what was going to happen. I later found out that bin Laden is also called ‘the lion.’ Then, just as I was getting ready to go to work a little before 9AM, I saw the footage of the first plane that had flown into the World Trade Center. I was truly devastated, as were all world citizens.

I noticed that you mentioned a prediction about an ‘L’ shaped attack coming from Israel. I had a premonition that there would be an attack from a Palestinian settlement in Israel, I can’t remember the name right now, but it began with the letter “D”, something like Darouk.

I enjoy reading your predictions. I pray for peace and an end to the violence and hatred in the world.


I just heard you on the Russ Martin show. You are a really nice person and I love your laugh. I am so sorry that what happened in NY happened but I like you, feel that we have been complacent for so long. Now I am worried that we are going after the wrong person. I am not saying that the person we are going after hasn’t done a lot of wrongs but I don’t think he had anything to do with this except he may have know about it before it happened. I feel bad about all the innocent people that are being hurt because of this. Let me know if you are having the same feelings, cause I am curious. I too get feelings when something is going to happen but I have trouble bringing them down that cone of thought so they become more visible and centered. Well enough of the bad stuff. I love to hear you on Russ’s show. May God Bless You. We need more people in this world like you. Keep doing what you are doing because you make people feel good a lot more than bad. Personally I just listen to hear you laugh when Russ gets to you….Have a wonderful day……J

I had a reading of my own that was quite disturbing today and was doing an internet search to see if anything else was out there…

You have two pretty good ones on your page having to do with the “uni-bomber” and a plane crash in Ohio – the Penn. plane crash was very close – could have happened in Ohio – I do know from my own readings that “the will of man” can definitely throw things off as to predicting, and there was a lot of will on that plane.

As to what happened today – it was actually an attempt to read on something innocuous.  I haven’t done one for awhile – and all I got was very, very heavy stuff about “crisis” and “making preparations-” we’re talking whole country stuff here.  There was reference to preparing as the Mormon’s do -which of course, is food stores.

I have two ominous readings from 1986 that discuss a somewhat distant yet imminent “you won’t believe it(my wording)” war in the middle east and also, preparation according to Mormons.  I don’t want to be paranoid, and I know my own readings can tend to have a “worst case scenario” to them – but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to stock up some….

Didn’t mean to go on so long.  Just wanted to affirm the above for you.  Good Luck.


Kai ora and PEACE Doc,

Just wondering what you’re thoughts are on this afghan on going bomding campagne???

Do you really think that the U.S. can bomb Osama in to submission??

Do you really think that the death of afghan people can be justified by the U.S. for trying to capture Or KILL Or was it Stop world Terrorism( or is it just a campange to GET Osama which shouldn’t really involve any death of anyone?)?

anyways would like to hear from you!!

love and kindness I hope do cover your life


and would you mind sending me your address for your web-page so i can check up on your site some

*S* thanks and see you later!!!!

My thoughts are that many innocent people on both sides will die because of religious fanaticism. World Terrorism will not be wiped out in the next five years. It will take the World as individuals coming together with the thought that we are all entitled to our own beliefs, acknowledging how precious life and different cultures are.    

Dear Da Juana;