Da Juana’s Psychic Predictions Proof


You probably already saw this, but today’s news about Anthrax in NY sounds closer to your “Unabomber”-like prediction…note how the mail is being singled out as the vehicle.  Pray for us!!!

All the best,


NBC Employee Tests Positive for Anthrax in New York
.c The Associated Press

NEW YORK (Oct. 12) – An assistant to NBC anchorman Tom Brokaw contracted the skin form of anthrax after opening an envelope containing a suspicious powder that was sent to her boss two weeks after the terrorist attacks, authorities said Friday.

Officials quickly said there was no known link to either the Sept. 11 attacks or the far more serious inhaled form of anthrax that killed a supermarket tabloid editor in Florida last week. The 38-year-old NBC employee was expected to recover.

A federal criminal investigation was launched to find the source of the anthrax, and health officials scrambled to re-test the powder to see if contained the germ. Initial tests had been negative, but authorities said the sample was so small they were reluctant to interpret the results.

The letter to NBC and a letter containing an unknown powder received Friday by The New York Times were both postmarked from St. Petersburg, Fla., said Barry Mawn, head of the FBI office in New York.

There was some similarity in the handwriting on both letters, Mawn said, declining to discuss the contents. Both were anonymous letters with no return address; the NBC letter was postmarked Sept. 20, and the Times letter Oct. 5. NBC said

The case sent a chill through a city still reeling from the World Trade Center disaster. Emergency rooms reported a higher number of patients asking for anthrax tests or requesting antibiotics. News organizations across the country shored up mailroom security. And the postmaster general advised everyone to watch for suspicious letters and packages.

President Bush said the government was doing all it could to protect the public.

”The American people need to go about their lives. We cannot let terrorists lock our country down,” Bush said, addressing the anthrax case at a White House event celebrating Hispanic heritage. ”They will not take this country down.”

The anthrax case – the nation’s fourth in a week – was reported early Friday by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention after tests were completed on a skin sample from the victim. Further tests on the envelope and its contents were under way.

”The (initial) amount we got was so small we are very being cautious about interpreting,” CDC Deputy Director David Fleming said.

The CDC said it is possible the NBC employee was contaminated by something other than the envelope. NBC News reported that the envelope also contained a ”threatening” letter.

NBC employees were evacuated from part of the 70-story GE Building in Rockefeller Center, which is home to Brokaw’s ”Nightly News,” ”Saturday Night Live” and ”Late Night with Conan O’Brien.”

The NBC employee who tested positive was a Brokaw assistant, NBC officials said on condition of anonymity. One official said that Brokaw, who has appeared on NBC’s evening newscasts for the last 18 years, was being tested for anthrax.

The ”Nightly News” was broadcast Friday from the ground-floor ”Today” show studios, instead of its usual third-floor home.

”Living in New York and working in this building for this company, you’re already on edge,” said Brian Rolapp, 29, a business development manager for NBC. ”I think everyone is a little startled that it’s this close to home.”

A few blocks away, two floors of The New York Times building were cleared after Judith Miller, a reporter who co-wrote a recent best seller on bioterrorism, opened a letter containing a powdery substance a spokeswoman said smelled like talcum powder.

Executive Editor Howell Raines said initial tests indicated that the powder did not pose any immediate problem. Air tests for radioactive and chemical substances were negative.

The Associated Press, located across the street from NBC, temporarily closed its mailroom, as did CBS. ABC halted internal mail delivery in New York and Washington pending a security evaluation, while CNN said it had closed its mailrooms in New York, Washington and Atlanta.

Time Inc. and Newsweek suspended mail delivery in their New York headquarters. The Wall Street Journal advised employees worldwide not to open packages or letters that are not specifically addressed to them.

The skin and inhaled forms of anthrax are caused by the same bacterium. The only difference is whether the microscopic spores enter the skin through a cut or are inhaled into the lungs. It takes more than 8,000 spores to cause the inhalation form of anthrax. Neither form can be spread directly from person to person.

When caught through the skin, anthrax is a much less serious disease. The first symptoms are reddish-black sores on the skin. If the disease is caught at that point and treated with antibiotics, it is easily cured. Even without treatment, cutaneous anthrax is fatal in only one case out of 20.

Dr. Scott Lillibridge, the bioterrorism chief for the U.S. Health and Human Services Department, said the NBC employee is believed to have handled the envelope on Sept. 25. Three days later, she noticed a dark-colored lesion, Lillibridge said, and on Oct. 1 began taking the antibiotic Cipro for another infection.

When the lesion started developing characteristics of anthrax, ”a very alert and astute clinician” ordered skin tests, Fleming said. The results came back Friday.

NBC said it had immediately contacted the FBI, the CDC and the New York Department of Health after the envelope arrived.

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said all network employees exposed to the powder will be tested for anthrax and treated with Cipro.

”People should not overreact to this,” Giuliani said. ”Much of this is being done to allay people’s fears.”

Last Friday, a photo editor for The Sun supermarket tabloid in Boca Raton, Fla., died of the more serious inhaled form of anthrax. The American Media building where Bob Stevens, 63, worked was sealed off after anthrax was found on his keyboard.

Traces of anthrax were later found in the mailroom. Two other employees turned out to have anthrax in their nasal passages, but neither has developed the disease. Both are taking antibiotics, and one has returned to work.

In Florida, FBI agent Hector Pesquera said test results of 965 people who were in the building recently found no new infections. A few test results were still pending. Pesquera said investigators are still trying to determine how the anthrax got into the building.

Investigators also tested 15 clerks who worked in the South Florida post office that handled American Media’s mail, a union official said.
AP-NY-10-12-01 1904EDT

okay, you want to know how I’m feeling, so HERE GOES….. The world has changed, and I feel like we will never again enjoy the freedoms and security we always have.

I am scared for my children and the children of America, that there will be many more senseless deaths.  I cannot overcome this feeling, that evil is more at work here in the United States than there ever has been.

I don’t think we can protect against it.

I feel like the events happening now are what’s been prophesied for ages, and that we are going to see many more horrific events.

I fully support what the world community is doing to eradicate terror.  I am concerned when I see demonstrations that WE are the ones causing the evil.

I have faith in God and I know that through Jesus Christ I am saved.  I know that it is written that many will be persecuted and killed for his name’s sake, and if so, then SO BE IT.

The thing I’m having problems dealing with is that I find it hard to see an end to what’s going on.  For some reason, my mind won’t let me see a peaceful end.

And I don’t know if that’s fear speaking, or some type of premonition.

What are your thoughts?


Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2001 23:03:27 -0500

dear dr. da juana,

To all Americans and those personally involved with the terrorist attacks in L.A. I send my deepest sympathy for your tragic losses.

Thank you da juana for your comments.It must be extremely hard on you to know things and have no control of situations.

Thank you for your wonderful help and your fantastic website. all the best to you.

You probably already saw this, but today’s news about Anthrax in NY sounds closer to your “Unabomber”-like prediction…note how the mail is being singled out as the vehicle. Pray for us!!!

To: “‘predict@cdbyrd.net'” <predict@cdbyrd.net>

Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2001 13:26:44 -0600

<Movement of land around San Francisco on the thirteenth is shaking the country.>

I wonder if this prediction has to do with the current threat by terrorists on California bridges? It’s not land ‘exactly’, but it would shake the

country if the threats become reality. And I’m sure their fall would shake the land somewhat. :o(

To: “‘predict@cdbyrd.net'” <predict@cdbyrd.net>

Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 11:02:50 -0500

Chandra Levy is a girl whose name begins with a C S or k due to sound

Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2001 07:13:40 -0600

To: predict@cdbyrd.net

I think the unabomber prediction is more like the Anthrax situation that the 9/11 twin Towers.


Could the prediction you made about a woman dying be the death of R&B singer, Aaliyah?  In a few instances, she has appeared to be of Hispanic heritage.  She had many different looks.  Maybe your vision was of her.

To: predict@cdbyrd.net

Subject: I like ur predictions

Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2001 00:22:25 -0500

I love ur predictions. Even tho i just started to read them i think they are really fun and interesting. I was also wondering if I could help you the next time you do predictions. I know you hear this a lot but i thought maybe I could do it because i am good at making predictions. Well thank you for your time and i hope you write me back.

One of your fans


Your prediction: “A major bank failure will be thwarted by a computer. Either another bank will buy them before the failure or someone who uses computers will see this coming and tell them how to reform their practices. “

Not sure of the details or the computer reference, however, Superior Banks, a sizable bank here in Illinois went under a few months ago. Another bank corporation took them over and assumed their liabilities.

Also noticed your prediction following 9/11 dealing with 4-days, weeks, months following and the ‘upside down ‘L’ from Israel.

You are no-doubt aware that the national Israeli airline is named EL AL ? Should be interesting to monitor around mid January as it appears the shorter time references have lapsed.

I enjoy your work. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for ’02.

Thank you.


I believe that this prediction already came true:

Deaths in the U S and around the world

A woman we all know and love will die at the hands of others. She reminds me of Selena. I had forecast her death on a radio show here in Dallas/Ft. Worth but I said that she came from the Mexican people.

A 22-year old African-American girl named Aaliyah died this year as a result of a plane crash in the Bahamas.  She is very popular in my peer group (I’m 19), so in that sense, she reminds me of Selena, but black.  You can find articles about her anywhere.  Just search for Aaliyah or go to www.aaliyah2001.com

Have a good day!


Time will have to be reset.

Didn’t time have to be reset due to a wobble in the earth orbit.

The Iceman really does cometh. theis one may be dressed a little less than warm for the region. He may cause anthropologists to rethink timming for the world.

There was a iceman found between to countries in europe. He had metal tools that he should not of had for his time. I saw a show about this on the Discovery Channel.  They may also be able to clon him.


A little unfown force large at the oscars this year.

How about the secuity force at the oscars for the stolen oscars.  There were jokes at the oscars about the increased secuity this could be the unknown force.


Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 00:12:14 EST

The death of Govenor Carnahan is Missouri fits the prediction of a politician crashing in the Midwest.

Fan in California

Dear Da Juana 

I believe the disease out break in Melbourne could be Meningocele.

I live in the south-east outside Melbourne (Cranbourne) and we have had a few cases of this disease.

It affects mainly children under 5 years. Starts of with like flu symptoms, bad stomach pain and if not diognoised early developes a purple rash with almost instant death following.

People including myself were panicking taking their children to the doctor for the slightest sniffel.


So many of your predictions have come true, that the predicted events are common knowledge.  In particular, I’m thinking of Madonna announcing a pregnancy, the death of the governor in Missouri, the winners of the Stanley Cup wearing red, the emergence of the young singer from Australia, the low swing in the stock market, and crops burned in the terrible fires of the upper Midwest.

Keep up the good work.


Ms. K,

These people saw my webpage predictions and wrote to me confirming them. I left them just the way they were written except I changed the font size and took away their names and email addresses.   I already have several replies to my 2000 year predictions on my web page at psychicadvice.com if you are interested.

Thanks for your time

Da Juana

Subject: nashville, tennesse

Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 07:39:11 -0500

Looks like you were right about country music changing again. Garth Brooks now leads a double life as himself and alter-ego pop icon Chris Gaines with his new CD (and upcoming movie) “The Life fo Chris Gaines”.

Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 14:08:56 EST


Just reading through your predictions and saw that you predicted killer storms. The May tornado(s) in Oklahoma City were bigger and deadlier than any we had seen before.

And of course, the Egyptair crash where first we see that maintenance hasn’t been as strict as is should be.

Thank you for your accuracy on a daily basis with your star scopes.

Take care.

Subject: ’99 predictions

Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 01:22:35 EDT

Da Juana, I don’t know if sometimes you get overlapping impressions, but couldn’t “explosion next to President or a member of his family” and

“aircraft disaster.. nation crying out” refer to JFK jr.’s crash?

Also, with Colorado, at Columbine, there were explosives set to go off and

people diving for cover. Looks close to me. I’ll keep an eye out!

Thanks, Sue D

Subject: 1998 prediction on Japan

Date: Fri, 06 Aug 1999 20:21:48 +0900

Dear Da Juana,

Regarding your 1998 reading on Japan, it is interesting that you have mentioned a mass suicide that is not cult related. Since the severe economical recession and the collapse of the materialistic idealism, our nation has heard numerous news of suicide including celeberties,politicians,movie directors. Also just on the news today, it is reported that the average life span of Japanese male as decreased in many years and that the main reason is because of the increased suicide rate due to the economy. Hopefully Japan will move towards a more

spiritual state of being in the new millenium.



kobe, Japan

Subject: P.S. 1998 prediction on Japan

Date: Fri, 06 Aug 1999 21:08:15 +0900


Please let me correct myself on my earlier email. I reread what I wrote

and found some words missing that could have lead to misinterpretation

which are:

The average life span of Japanese male has decreased SLIGHTLY FOR THE

FIRST TIME in many years (the words in capital letters were missing in

my email )which is due to the increase of suicide rate from the

economical depression…

Thank you,



Date: Sun, 8 Aug 1999 19:21:16 +0100

I read the following prediction you made on your webpage:

Glasgow, Scotland

The people here will have something to rejoice about in the coming year. Good for you. This shows me sunshine in your fair city. It seems that you need it now after the last five years.

I live in the middle of Scotland, quite close to glasgow, and we have had a mini heatwave these last two to three weeks.

Also at the end of June Scotland got it’s own parlaiment for the first time in 300 years. It was a very large and happy event for the Scottish People.


Subject: CDB – Predict99

Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 00:21:24 +1000

dear Da Juana,

I may have emailed you before on the prediction about Australia.

To refresh, I strongly believe that it was about the release of convicted child killer John Lewthwaite, who had served his full term in prison. He was allowed to take residence with a friend directly opposite an elementary school.

The neighbours went crazy, one even shoved a hose into his mail slot on his front door, and turned it on full blast, all the while shouting down abuse at him.

Many Sydney siders (for those of you who don’t know, Sydney is on the south east side of Australia and it’s the largest city in the country) were outraged about the incident, questioned the legal system, and in general there was alot of public debate.

Questions like “what sort of society have we become to allow a brutal childkiller out to walk free?” but at the same time others were strongly advocating the need to give released inmates a fair second chance.

There was even talk of introducing Australia’s version of “Megans Law”, which may be familiar to American readers.

For the others, it’s a law stating that neighbourhoods have the right to know the exact whereabouts and residence of released, convicted childkillers and molesters/pedophiles.

I’d love to hear your feedback Da Juana! (on the web page if you can)

Subject: cdb – results

Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 15:11:56 -0700

Hi, My name is S and I wanted to say that your prediction about Hillary Clinton was dead on, with her taking a run at the New York Senate we are getting a lot of surprises from Hillary. You also spoke of two storms in the United States that would be a sudden with casualties but not to the severity that we have known in the past. It was eerie to hear about the sudden Tornado in Salt Lake City today.

Subject: CDB – Predict99

Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 18:47:50 -0500

This is not a confirmation, but I do live in Lubbock, Tx and read that my town will get notoriety in this news this, but is not what we wanted at this

time. Would like to know if u could tell me more about this or what’s going to happen?



Subject: CDB – Results99

Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 22:19:38 -0500 (CDT)

Well you stated in your 99 pedictions that you would see yet another change i “Country Music” Well Ding Ding Ding, um yeah I mean country music’s getting louder and turning into more of a Pop/Soft rock format I mean just turn on your radio ya know.. It’s cool.. Well I truly belieave in your work and I have a way with my thinking that makes me understand people so in a way me and you are alike, I can sence if people are sad and know for the most part whats wrong, ohh boy need to go have to take care of my poor old momm Take care

Nick~ MN

Subject: CDB – Predict99

Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 23:32:27 -0400

Da Juana: I have cried this evening for Turkey and the earthquake victims. I don’t usually check your prediction site this late in the year, but I just happened to be perusing it to take my mind off this tragedy. Although you have the quake and “eruption” listed for Japan, I think you were being given information about that part of the world. The “eruption” is the fire that was set-off because of the earthquake.

I do tarot and astrology and dreamwork myself (9-3-65). I have been getting

feelings this year that time is speeding up and we are being asked to become

self-aware faster. It feels very strongly that this tragedy is linked to that, just like the JFK Jr. tragedy was (which reminded us of the Diana tragedy…).



Subject: cdb – predict99

Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 15:40:11 -0600

Hello there,

With regard to the parasite prediction within the Health section…my mother was experiencing very serious chronic stomach problems, she mentioned them

to an holistic chiropractor whom she was visiting for other ailments…he tested for parasites, found that there was a major problem, and began

treating her for them.   I thought perhaps she was getting “taken by a quack” when she told me this information – but she IS feeling so much

better!   She has mentioned this type of infection to two of her friends who had similar health complaints. They have both subsequently been diagnosed

and treated for parasites! Sounds like your prediction is holding true…hopefully more and more doctors will acknowledge the “new” illness so

that people can be treated for it! Keep up the good work! P.S. I live in Colorado, and am keeping my eyes and ears open to events related to

predictions there!

Subject: CDB – Predict99

Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 10:54:01 -0500

Da Juana: Could one of the aircraft disasters be JFK Jr.’s? I am not sure that it relates to the actually aircraft malfunction vs. his own ability due to his experience in his piloting that caused his crash.

Just curious.

Thanks, Julie

Subject: CDB – Predict99

Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 10:46:04 -0600

Your prediction of the earth moving in Montana during the 4 – 6th months of this year, came to pass on August 20th in Montana. The epicenter was in

Lima but in the rural area and there was no structure damage. It was a 5+ earthquake.

Subject: CDB – Predict99

Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 11:45:19 -0400 (EDT)

Hi: just noticed you were very close on the California Earthquake that occurred on 8/17/1999 at 606 PM PST..

Subject: CDB – Predict99

Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 21:53:27 -0700

When I was reading your 1999 predictions, I thought some of your predictions came true. They are as follows:

The first lady did show a new side to her, she is running in an election in New York State, which is my state. She also has a new book out.

As far as the weather has been, it has been very unstable in my area. It usually rains a couple of times a week and the temps are usually in the high

70s. This summer there has been little to no rain and the temps have been in the 90s for most of the summer until recently.

There was an aircraft disaster that made the nation cry, John F. Kennedy, Jr.

I was pretty impressed when I was ready through your predictions. I don’t now much about the other Countrys, but I am sure some of your predictions

probably did come true or will.

I have been to three psychics and, they have all been bogus. I am a believer again,

Thank You.

Mrs. C A. E

Subject: CDB – Predict99

Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 16:06:43 +0800

Yes that is true especially in the Philippines the one who predicts you is earthquake and eruption in the Philippines it happened now and the

weather is very forecasting even the PAGASA they cannot event forecast what happen and when the typhoon comes that’s why we have a problem in

flood and our staudents they cannot even go to school because of the changing weather .

Subject: Confirmation to your 1999 Predictions

Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 21:48:22 -0500

In India they are having elections and there are two parties fighting. Also a couple of months back there was a war like situation in Kashmir between

India and pakistan over kashmir issue. THe two Parties are are BJP and Congrees(I).

Subject: CDB – Predict99

Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 22:32:00 -0700

I was reading your predictions for Canada tonight and found the timing to be quite amazing as in this morning’s newspaper, was a full page article titled

First nations chief fears war of the woods.

The story, is about logging, native land claims and the potential conflicts between the provincial government and the native community.

If you are interested, the full story is at www.vancouverprovince.com for Thursday, September 16th.   I hope that you have the opportunity to view it

before it is changed.

Subject: Prediction confirmation?

Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 12:05:34 -0500

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am writing to you from Canada. I just finished reading your predictions for my country and I noticed that one of them was

that a well known leader dies. In our paper today (January 10, 1999) Saul Rae a former Canadian ambassador whose career spanned more than 40 years

died (he was the father of former premier of Ontario Bob Rae). Could this be it?

Subject: A star is born

Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 23:48:49 +0100

I noted that last week a new planet was found that is thought can sustain Human life and has similar atmospheric conditions, it is however

so far away from us that it is said we may not ever know. I hope this is incorrect as I think I’d like to know if there is life on other planets?

At least that of a friendly variety.

This person wrote me on January 17, 1999. I wrote back and asked where it was shown. The person writing told me in the second email.

Subject: RE: A star is born

Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 23:23:44 +0100

Sure, I was watching T.V last week here in New Zealand, and it was on a report, it was very brief which blew me away as you would think it would take some type of priority over the usuall ‘A dog got stuck under a house, while in search of a childs toy’ news story….ha ha . But seriously, it was very brief and hopefully there will be more about it in the near future.

Subject: Prediction confirmation?

Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 12:05:34 -0500

Hi, my name is J and I am writing to you from Canada. I just finished reading your predictions for my country and I noticed that one of them was that a well known leader dies. In our paper today (January 10, 1999) Saul Rae a former Canadian ambassador whose career spanned more than 40 years died (he was the father of former premier of Ontario Bob Rae). Could this be it?

Subject: Confirmation of one of the predictions you made for 1998

Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 11:56:58 -0500

Da Juana,

Early in 1998 I read one of the predictions you made for that year that happened. You said 2 great spiritual leaders would die that year, and be ever so deeply morned. When I read your prediction I remembered feeling a hint of relief as I thought the possibility of that happening to my beloved teacher, Rama, was so remote. I always thought he would be here for his friends and students for our lifetime, and would likely even outlive many of us. He was so hilariously funny and had such a love and appreciation for life. But somehow, your prediction always lingered with me in some remote part, as part of me feared it might be true for me. Indeed my teacher, Rama, Dr. Frederick Lenz, unexpectedly passed away Easter weekend in 1998. All who knew him morned deeply for his death, particularly his active students. The loss to us is too enormous to speak about, but the shock value of it will stay with us and affect us for a very long time.

I also heard that Carlos Casteneda passed away a few months later.   I have seen the affect his powerful mysterious books have had on many people. They have taught us a great deal, and have profoundly altered the manner in which we approach our life and mind, causing us to question our views of reality which we take so for granted.

The truth is not easy to hear, and I sense its probably even harder to tell, but thank you for keeping to the truth.

Wiith highest regard,


Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1999 00:42:17 EDT

Subject: CDB%20-%20Predict99

Southern California had a 7.0 earthquake on Oct 16th 1999… Do you need proof???

Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 05:04:32 EDT

Subject: Earthquake So Ca

Special Report: The Hector Mine Earthquake, 10/16/1999

(Updated 10/21/99)

A M7.1 earthquake occurred at 2:46 a.m. local time on 10/16/1999. The event was located in a remote, sparsely-populated part of the Mojave desert, approximately 47 miles east-southeast of Barstow and 32 miles north of Joshua Tree. The initial magnitude estimate of 7.0 was upgraded to 7.1 on October 18, 1999, based on in-depth analysis of “teleseismic” data recorded worldwide. Like music, earthquake waves include both “high tones” and “low tones”–the latter, which are recorded by sensitive seismic instruments around the globe–are crucial in constraining the magnitude of large events, but are not analyzed quite as quickly as data from the immediate southern California region.

The Hector Mine earthquake is not considered an aftershock of the M7.3 Landers earthquake of 1992, although subsequent analysis will explore the relationship between these two events.

On average, an earthquake of M7.0 is expected to generate approximately seven aftershocks of M5 or larger within the first week. Three M>5 events occurred on the first day of the sequence: a M5.3 event at 2:49 local time, a M5.8 event at 5:57 a.m., and a M5.0 at 10:38 a.m. 25 aftershocks of M4 or larger occurred within the first 36 hours of the sequence. The rate of aftershocks is very close to the average expected for a mainshock of this magnitude.

The earthquake occurred on the Lavic Lake fault, one of a series of north-northwest trending faults through the eastern Mojave shear zone. Geologists from the U.S. Geological Survey and Southern California Earthquake Center were able to fly over the rupture (which is within the Twenty Nine Palms Marine Base) on the afternoon of October 16 and documented a 40-km long surface rupture. The aerial photos show an apparent maximum offset of 3.8 – 4.7 meters. These preliminary estimates for both fault length and slip are consistent with expectations for a M7.0 earthquake, although the slip is perhaps somewhat larger than average.

The Lavic Lake fault had not previously been identified as active because there is no evidence the fault had ruptured in the past 10,000 years. Although it had been mapped by Thomas Diblee, Jr., he did not name the fault. Compared to other faults nearby, it seemed less impressive. Other faults hadmuch more dramatic scarps from prehistoric earthquakes. The Hector Mine earthquake may therefore be a “rare” event; one whose occurrence could not have been anticipated based on a standard probabilistic assessment of earthquake rates. However, the fault is part of a set of roughly parallel faults through the Mojave desert, and the zone as a whole was certainly recognized as capable of producing large earthquakes. The Hector Mine earthquake may therefore help us understand the detailed structure of this complex fault zone.

Geologists are working to map the surface rupture in detail. Scientists with Caltech and the US Geological Survey are continuing to analyze the abundant seismic data recorded from the Hector Mine Earthquake and its aftershocks. In addition to the classic aftershock sequence, the earthquake has apparently triggered small earthquakes as far south as the California-Mexico border.