Da Juana’s Psychic Predictions Proof


Scientists are monitoring these events carefully, as some of them have occurred close to the southern end of the San Andreas fault.

The Southern California Seismic Network is in the process of a major upgrade involving installation of state-of-the-art instrumentation to provide far more detailed information about shaking than has been available in the past. Real-time results from the new Trinet network were able to produce ShakeMaps showing the distribution of shaking over Southern California. In addition, over 23,000 people have electronically filled out a questionnaire for the Did

You Feel It? Community Internet Intensity Map (CIIM).

The SCIGN Project is also in the process of installing a state-of-the-art integrated GPS monitoring system in southern California. The SCIGN results for the Hector Mine earthquake show the co-seismic displacement associated with the earthquake.

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I believe it was felt in three states also.. Ca Nev. and Az.

Date: Mon, 08 Nov 1999 02:35:00 -0800

Subject: CDB – Predict99

Hi, I am from S.C. and have a friend living in N.C. They had a light snow last week. She made the comment she had never seen it snow with the leaves still on the ground. I will try to get some proof for you.

Sincerely, S

Date: Fri, 03 Dec 1999 11:50:52 -0800

Subject: CDB – Predict99

California, Arizona, and Nevada

A strong earthquake of 5.3 or more will rock your borders. It will hit all three or just two but the hits will be felt because of California.

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 hit the southwestern part of California a few months ago. It derailed a train. It was probably felt in Nevada and possibly Arizona too.

A star is born

We will acknowledge that a new star has been found which can sustain life as we know it. I guess when people on other planets see us, they think we are a star too.

I actually heard that a solar system was found in the galaxy Andromeda, and they were going to try to see if any of the planets had the characteristics needed to sustain life. I’m not sure if they were able to find out, but I think I will go to the NASA web page next to find out.

Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 23:40:59 -0400

Subject: CDB – Predict99

Hi, my name is J and i was quite surprised by your prediction of someone well known would pass away. One of our most respected Prime Minister’s passed away a few weeks ago!!!

Looking forward to more and i totally enjoy reading your predictions.


Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 11:30:05 EDT

Subject: Results99

ok this is wierd but you predicted a earthquake to hit L.A.with a 4.0 or greater on the 15th or 16th. And on the 16th of October a 7.0 earthquake hit outside of L.A. and most of south California could feel it.

Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 18:56:14 -0700

Subject: Confirmation for Earthquake


Just read your predictions and wanted to let you know that last weekend there was a major earthquake outside of Los Angeles that was felt here in Yuma… in Phoenix….. and in Nevada. It was a 7something on the Richter scale and centered at a place called Joshua Tree. My husband and myself moved here in August, he just retired in May. We came to Yuma because I felt a call to be here. I don’t know for what yet but have to just trust. In the time that I have been here we have felt a total of 3 earthquakes and 2 of them were our own, right in the local area. There will be more too, even in Texas I feel. When I was reading your predictions about Queen Elizabeth I felt death strongly, either her or the Queen Mother. (Proper term?) Something maybe as soon as the next 4 to 6 months.

Sorry but I can’t order a horoscope for 2 reasons. First I really can’t afford it and secondly… it seems that each time I have tried one they were all geared to my personality and along that line. There never seems to be anything of what the alignments for the future are going to bring.

Maybe I just don’t have an understanding of horoscopes. You do however have my best wishes and blessings. I feel there is going to be great joy and love in your life very soon if not already.. you are surrounded by sunshine.

Keep up the good work!


03:23 PM 10/19/99 -0700

I’m responding to this prediction:

California, Arizona, and Nevada

A strong earthquake of 5.3 or more will rock your borders. It will hit all three  or just two but the hits will be felt because of California.
California will also take a hit of 4.0 or better in the greater Los Angeles area  on the Fifteenth or Sixteenth.

As you may have already heard, there was a 7.0 or 7.1 earthquake in the California desert on October 16th which was felt in Arizona and (although I’m not 100% sure) Nevada, which was also felt in the Los Angeles area as well. Here is the story at yahoo:


12:26 PM 9/3/99 -0300

CDB – Predict99

I guess you were talking about the airlane disaster that ocurred two days ago here in Buenos Aires that will get the attencion of the world?

10:08 PM 10/17/99 -0700  

CDB – Predict99

To whom it may concern,

I am writing in response to the 1999 California, Arizona, Nevada, prediction.  I live in Tucson, AZ, USA and one of my friends told me that someone on the fifth floor of a building in Tempe, AZ, USA, at around 3am on October 16, 1999, felt an earthquake that occurred in California.  I don’t know all the details about this because I do not get the news regularly.  So I wanted to let you know that something did occur and if you receive any other information regarding this prediction feel free to let me know.



07:30 AM 11/26/99 +0530 

CDB – Predict99

Egypt airline air crash is one of the predictions which have come true. I wanted to know what about the predictions of nostradoums about the third world war. Will there actually be a war and expected around when.

Regards n k

1996 Predictions

A scandal will rock the cowboys before year end. This prediction was done again on KEGL radio stating that there would be drugs involved and perhaps Michael Irvin would be the one involved.

Jimmy Johnson will go to the Dolphins as head coach. The Star Telegram states on January 12, 1996 that Johnson will return to the NFL as Dolphin coach. This was predicted two years ago with my saying that this deal would happen in two years.

Trains piled upon one another going from Maryland towards the west. Silver Spring Maryland, reported by the Star Telegram, that twelve were killed in a fiery collision as two trains crashed head on. The train was bound for Chicago. February 17, 1996, Star Telegram.

A new missile program to be launched. Chinese missiles have internal, external target reads the Star Telegram, March 9, 1996.

Tornadoes in states above Louisiana. Tornadoes have been playing havoc in the states directly above Louisiana in the past three months.

Crops frozen in the south (South Texas fruit comes to mind). Texas was worried this year about their crops in the south because of freezing temperatures in early 1996.

The Rangers will look better this year. Almost like they are going to win a pennant. So far, they are.

Trial of a very famous person to start before September. First lady to face grand jury reads the headlines of Star Telegram, January 23, 1996.

Shania Twain to win several country music awards. This was done on KSCS. She did win those awards within the week.

Garth Brooks to win awards and to take some time for family this year. This was done on KSCS. He did win the awards on January 30, 1996. He and his wife are wanting another baby.

Aids research to have promising results by March or May. Star Telegram reports on January 30, 1996 that they have a new drug which will be helpful in suppressing the Aids virus. Cullen Davis announced, May 21, 1996, on television news that he has a lotion which can keep Aids from penetrating the skin. Several metroplex cities are buying this lotion for prison guards and other personnel.

These predictions were made the first ten days of January each year, at an annual prediction night, on radio, television or newspapers and can be verified. Only a few of my predictions are highlighted.

1995 Predictions

A bombing of a building which reminds me of the New York World Trade Center bombing in the heartland of America before August. Three devastating explosions around the world. Two in Europe, one here.   Wednesday, April 19, 1995, Oklahoma Federal Center bombed. (Given in January 2005 at AWRP luncheon—Had reporter from there call me the morning of and told me that I had said, a Bombing in the Heartland and told about it then)

Baseball strike will end when Replacement Players take the field of their respective teams. Some Replacement Players will continue to play with the regular players. Baseball strike was over when the Replacement Players took their fields to start the season. Replacement players are playing for some of the regular players. April, 1995

A near collision at DFW-no loss of life. Dallas Morning News, Saturday March 4, 1995 states DFW planes close call spurs national change.

Earthquakes in Japan with a large loss of life. January 17, 1995, The Dallas Morning News tells of the hundreds killed in the Japanese earthquake.

Around or above England, France or Norway, there are lights in the sky which looks like an explosion within eight months. Paris, Monday, February 6, 1995, The armed Islamic Group took responsibility for a suicide bombing of a police headquarters in downtown Algiers.

Earthquakes in the Northwest and above and in Texas. It will be felt in Ft. Worth. Dallas Morning News, February 5, 1995 states that there was an earthquake in Green River, Wyoming. Earthquake rattles southern Oklahoma on Thursday, January 19, 1995. There was also one in Washington which I had predicted to a few people because they lived there and it happened within three weeks.   Around April 18, 1995, quake hits Alpine, Texas which can be felt in Ft. Worth, Texas.

A collision between two ships. Freeport Texas, tanker spills fuel after collision in Gulf of Mexico. Monday February 6, 1995.

The finding of a new mummy or old city which will answer some old questions. Monday, February 6, 1995, The Dallas Morning News speaks of a Greek team finding Alexander the Greats tomb. Dallas Morning News, January 15, 1995, says that the mummy of the man who claimed he shot Lincoln is being sought. Cave art called “find of the century” in mountains of Southern France.   Stone age paintings which are so well preserved that it is one of the archaeological finds of the century. Thursday, January 19, 1995, Dallas Morning News.

1994 Predictions

This prediction was done on New Years Eve on WBAP radio, Fort Worth Texas. I said that there would be a minor rebellion in Mexico. This happened the next day.

On WBAP, I also said that there was going to be other cult like activity happening in Texas. This was brought out on January 21, 1994 by the Dallas Morning news. They said that a murder and child molestation case in Gilmer, Texas was being perpetrated by Satanist.

A death in the English Parliament would be bizarre. People would look at this in amazement. Legislator Stephen Milligan who was 45 years old was found in women’s underwear and died under mysterious circumstances. This was reported by the Dallas Morning News on February 9, 1994.

I said U. S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison would not be really hurt by the court, that they would release her. On February 11, 1994, she was acquitted of all charges.

The Cowboys will go to the Super bowl and win. They did.

A nuclear submarine will have problems of which the world will receive knowledge.

It will be in the colder waters of the Atlantic or over close to Europe. The Dallas Morning News, March 31, 1994, informs us that ten French sailors died in an accident aboard a submerged nuclear-powered attack submarine off Toulon.

A woman will be involved in a serial murder towards the east. Friday, March 25, 1994, The Dallas Morning News prints an article about the arrest of a mother whose five children had all died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. She has been charged in their deaths. I also said there would be another like Gayce or Dalmer who would be caught for serial killings close to where Dalmer was. Wednesday, March 9, 1994, The Dallas Morning News reports a suspected killer on death row who died of Aids confessed to killing 21 people. They were not all gay.

A terrorist attack similar to that of Naval Commander Will Rogers wife but this will have very different consequences this time. A van will be included. The attack on a van of Hasidic Jews by those of Arabian descent was carried out in February, 1994 in New York.

1993 Predictions

More than one murder in the Great Lake area. There will be at least five killed and hidden. I made this prediction on January 8, 1993 and probably while I was making it seven people were killed in the Palatine, Illinois restaurant and had their bodies hidden in the refrigerator.

Fort Worth will feel what others have felt with the black/white controversy three times this year but it will be resolved in a non-violent way because we are all good people and will not allow a special few to run our lives. March, 1993, a known skinhead who is along for the ride with two others who kill a man simply because he is black gets ten years probation. People are up in arms about this from all races and are vowing that such liberal behavior concerning the law will not be tolerated.

Japan and Germany are about to become less economic figures than they have been in the past. January 11, 1993, the Dallas Morning News reports that unemployment in Germany rose sharply in December and that manufacturing fell. “The west German economy ‘is close to a catastrophe,’ said Heiner Flassbeck, top researcher at German Institute for Economic Research.” Also on January 11,1993, the Dallas Morning News reports that Japan is now reneging on the lifetime guarantee that companies make to their employees that they will never lay them off.

Mexico will become more aggressive thanks to their president. January 11, 1993 reports that Mexico’s price inflation hits a seventeen year low and that inflation was the highest the year (1988) that President Carlos Salinas de Gortari took office and implement market reforms and a reduction in government spending.

Two more cold snaps will hit us before turning us loose. One will hit in April. The weather forecasters are talking about the two cold snaps one in March, the other around April 1, 1993

Eastern sea coast to have bad weather smashing coast in March or May. It is in cool but not hot weather. The storm of the century hit the east coast around the 15th of March and was called a killer storm.

A new type fish to be found. I was unaware that this fish may be dead but a new type whale was discovered in February, 1993.

The United States economy will continue to grow although Clinton had nothing to do with it. January 16, 1993, the Dallas Morning News reports that the economy is improving despite a rising deficit.

Carlswell Air Force base will stay open. I predicted this when they were closing bases a couple of years ago. Now they say that it will stay open and they will move other troops there. It is a Naval Air Station Reserve Unit.

Grand Prairie will keep it’s horse track. October, 1993, the Dallas Morning News states that Lone Star Jockey Club will keep it’s track.

Something that looks like a tidal wave in India or Thailand which will kill many. July 25, 1993, the death toll is at around 2,000 people and the toll is rising.

Koresh to make his compound look like the Jones town massacre only the method will be different. (This was said on a radio station after the agents surrounded the compound. Most people were killed but by fire.

Jays would win the World Series. This was done on the Perry and Price show at 8:30 AM in Hawaii the last day of the series. The Jays came from behind to win.

Either movement of the earth near Japan or in Japan. September 1, 1993, a quake moved Japan 6.5 feet.

1992 Predictions

Grand Prairie to get the horse racing track awarded from the state. October, 1992, Grand Prairie is awarded the race track even though Trinity Meadows was suggested as the right place for the track.

Three years prior to the firing of Rangers Coach Bobby Valentine, I predicted it and when. He was fired Thursday, July 9, 1992.

Interest rates will go down to six percent. July 3, 1992, interest rates were dropped by the Federal Reserve to six percent, the lowest level in three decades.

Roe versus Wade will not be overturned this year. A lady will uphold it and a man who was thought to be against abortion will keep the ruling from being overturned. June 29, 1992, the Supreme Court decided that states could have more control in abortion rights but can not deny abortion to women. Souter and O’Conner were the deciding votes.

California will have three major earthquakes this year. June 29, 1992 registered the two largest quakes for California in forty years.

Oregon will see forest fires as other parts of the country has.   June, 1992 over one thousand acres of Oregon forest was destroyed by fires.

A serial killer will kill in the South. On May 6, 1992, Allen McDuff was caught for killing women in Texas.

Two well known people, one like Magic Johnson, to announce that they have Aids this year. Arthur Ashe announced on April 9, 1992, that he acquired Aids from blood taken during surgery. Rudolf Nureyev announced that he has AIDS October 16, 1992.

General Motors will keep the Arlington plant open. February 25, 1992, GM announced that the Arlington plant would be kept open while the Michigan plant is being closed.

A natural disaster to happen in Japan. It feels like an earthquake. Also, Japan will see economic strife this year. The earthquake happened in January. They also had two major drops (what they called a crash) this year.

A military aircraft to crash onto two buildings which are used as a place for living and will result in a fire. February 7, 1992, a military plane crashed into a Jo Jo’s restaurant and a Drury Inn in Evansville, Indiana.

A flair up of the military in a country in South America. February 6, 1992, there was a failed coup in Venezuela.

A big Maverick to leave. February 21, 1992, James Donaldson, center, traded to the New York Knicks.

1991 Predictions

We will go to war with Iraq but it will be short lived although our soldiers will stay longer. Iraq will keep part of Kuwait but it will not necessarily be land. Hussein will live. The looting of Kuwait near the end of the war is well known. They even took babies out of incubators and left them to die so that they could take the equipment. Saddam is still alive. Our soldiers are still there.

A fire in Africa in the oil fields, may be Saudi Arabia. The war made this happen.

The U. S. to have to watch both Israel and Iraq. When Iraq attacked Israel, we had to stay right on top of the situation so that the other Arabian nations did not interfere.

There will be a failed coup in Russia. They held Gorbachev but failed the attempt.

A type of eruption in Alaska, either an earthquake or a volcano. February 7, 1991, in Fairbanks an earthquake registered 5.4 on the Richter Scale.

A coup on an island south of us. September 30, 1991 brought a coup on Haiti.

1990 Predictions

A ship is to sink in the Mediterranean. I can see an aircraft carrier but that’s not what is sinking. The USS Saratoga had boys going on leave and the ferry sank with over one hundred on board in December, 1990.

Oil prices to go upward over the $25.00 mark before September 1, 1990. There will be problems around the oil fields. Trouble will arise southeast of Israel in a backward “J” that will interest the world. Iraq invaded Kuwait driving oil prices up above $28.00 by September 1, 1990.

A hotel or building will hurt a lot of people with a disaster. March 7, 1990, a blast flattens a building in Crested Butte, Colorado that kills three and injures fourteen.

China is still not at rest but is still in the process of revolution. January 15, 1991 newspaper states that Chinese executions set a record in 1990.

1989 Predictions

A military ship in the Atlantic to blow up. The government will cover it but will finally tell the truth. April, 1989, the USS Iowa blew a gun turret, killing many. They blamed Clayton Hartwig but almost two years later recanted.

Ferdinand Marcos to be as dead, then die. He went into a coma and died that year. Imelda to go free. She did.

The death of a wonderful old star. Lucille Ball died that year.

An author will be called fraudulent but it will turn out that he is not. Salmon Rushdie had threats made against his life for selling a book blasphemous to the Islamic religion.

A major earthquake in California on the 17th. October 17, 1989, the San Francisco earthquake made an impact on the state.

A major airplane crash in the U. S.. Sioux City Iowa has the United DC-10 crash that burned and flipped over.

An old foe that was a former alley to become a friend again to the U. S.. Russia and France both did.

The leader of the Matamoris cult will be caught but killed by his own people. On May 7, 1989, surrounded by police, he was shot to death in a closet by his own bodyguards.

Tom Landry is to watch from the sidelines. The Cowboy team was sold and Landry was out.