Da Juana Byrd

What is Haunting?   Haunted House, ghost,

Most consider haunting is where a ghost or many ghosts give it their all to scare the poohbah out of you. Likewise, a haunting is a noun meaning where a ghost resides in order to do the scaring or warning. You notice I paraphrased this because I’m a medium and I know I can.

Okay, now to this medium and psychics view of haunting. In truth ghosts are just like us humans. Most are social. Some visit us to give us messages. Others want to say hello. There are some instances where your ghost visitor wants to teach. By that I mean they help you to learn that you are a medium because you communicate with ghosts too.

Ghosts aren’t limited to only teaching you to become a medium. Ghosts want humans to be aware that there is more to life than what you see on earth. That’s why you see haunted places. I’m not speaking of the haunted houses thrown up around Halloween to scare you senseless. I’m talking about places where ghosts give you a view into life after death even if it’s a little scary. Ghosts now have your attention.

Ghosts are the Subject

Unlike what most think about ghosts, most ghosts don’t actively try to frighten you. If some well-meaning ghost wants to get your attention by letting you know they’re in the same room or wherever you are, that ghost will generally touch you from behind. That is if this ghost even touches you.

Your psychic senses will create the knowledge you have a visitor.

The reason for the touch on the shoulder or anywhere on your back is because ghosts don’t want to scare you which is contrary to popular thought.

Believe me, you’ll know you’re not alone when this happens. Goose bumps will thread their way down your body on the side you were touched and reach the other side just as quickly too. Moreover, you’ll know it was done by a ghost even if you don’t see him or her.

The touch on your back allows you time to get away in a safe manner in case you run. If any ghost touched you from the front and you could see them you’d want to turn to run and that might cause an accident. Just to let you know the world has no accidents.

Your ghostly friend wants you to stay safe when meeting them so they try to be as good as possible by touching you on the back so that you can see your way clear to run.

Somehow you know this spiritually because even though you’re scared as heck (you know what I wanted to say but for the web I can’t), you also realize that your ghostly friend actually has good intentions.

Rarely there may be a time where a ghost needs your attention quicker than when they generally court you. It may be a matter of life or death for you not them. Then they may scare you to get your adrenaline going so that you’re on hyper alert to everything around you. That’s another case but not done often.

Ghosts in the Room

Most of the time though you feel as if you’re in stranger danger when in the presence of a new spirit. You feel the same way when you enter a crowded room in which live people whom you don’t know are waiting for you. Just a little ill at ease.

It’s the same way with ghosts in the room especially if these ghosts aren’t loved ones. After all we’re all ghosts. Some of us are free of the physical body and some are still what we perceive to be human. Some ghosts look like any other live human.

If you see a ghost then you’ve had a very extraordinary spiritual event happen. It takes a lot for your vibrations to go up enough to see a spirit but they also have to lower their vibration so that you can see them. Again physics.

Animal Haunted Houses Madeline, ghost, ghosts, spirit  

Ghosts are everywhere. People think of ghosts as humans who’ve died but in truth ghosts are the spirits of every living thing on earth while alive and when they die. Spirit equals ghost and ghost is spirit. So, if you think that humans are the only animal haunted houses, think again. All animals, insects, plants even minerals can haunt.

Last night this medium got a little surprise while talking with Richard who was in bed. As I was going into the bathroom I saw a bug crawling across the floor close to the wall.

My first thought was that it was a bug of the arachnid family and a member of the Zodiac Wheel I won’t mention. Generally, I pick up bugs if possible and put them outside.

Instantly I made the decision to get the fly swatter and take care of the intruder myself which means I’ve come a long way. Luckily, I didn’t have to. It disappeared as I watched it. Maybe the ghost insect wanted to wake me right before I went to bed or maybe it was a manifestation of a bug that had done this before.

Manifestations are like a recording replayed again and again for anyone who wants to watch. When a ghost looks straight on and commits to the same thing they’ve done over and over generally it’s a manifestation instead of a haunting. A manifestation doesn’t consciously do something but rather is like a TV show repeating itself.

I looked over to Richard and said, “Well, now I’m having a bug ghost too.”

Let me mention too I find lots of bugs fascinating but there’d be no invitation for that particular one into the house, dead or alive. It hadn’t occurred that bug ghost would even be in the house even though I’m a medium. Sometimes being a medium can catch you off guard when you see this kind of bug in the house and realize it’s only a ghost.

My being a medium gives me the ability along with you too to insist that certain ghosts leave your home then or you can ask that those ghosts completely stay away. That type insect ghost is on that list now.

Years ago, when I first came out of the psychic and medium closet I was reading a book when I saw movement over by the sofa. I glanced up and saw a snake lying beside the sofa. He was not a small boa constrictor. He was bigger than a softball around his girth and he was as long as my seven-foot couch.

My first thoughts when seeing the long snake lying there wasn’t how did a snake get into my house? It was more like there’s a snake in my den. Being the medium I am, my first words were, “What is the snake doing here?” It sounded like a good question to me at the time.

As the medium I am I always question everything and someone from the other side always answers, thank God. And that’s how it happened that day too.

Immediately I heard, “He’s here to get the rat.”

“What rat?” Then I saw the rat who was watching the snake who was watching the rat.

Gratefully he didn’t eat the rat then, they both disappeared. I know. Another question: do ghosts eat on the other side? And the answer is, they can do anything they do here. It’s up to them.

Just to let you know a snake ghost was not what I expected in my home either. The rat ghost didn’t sit too well either. But both animal ghosts gave me much need information so that I could gladly pass it on to you.

Dead Loved Ones

As a matter of fact, I didn’t or don’t expect all the ghosts I’ve seen all my life but I enjoy the “haunting” after the fact. This becomes more apparent when a person who comes to me for a reading requests visits from dead loved ones.

I’ve heard that you have to be at the place that the person, dog or whoever died in order to see or communicate with them. I’ve also heard that they haunt the place where they died. That’s not been this psychic and medium’s experience however.

If that were so ghosts wouldn’t appear to me everywhere I go and they wouldn’t travel with me either.

My father who is now a ghost is traveling a lot. He was a man who fought in World War II in the South Pacific.

War is something I’d rather we all loved each other enough not to initiate but it happens because we people don’t understand that we’re all God’s children. But how many brothers and sisters have you seen that get along great all the time? That’s my editorial I guess and now I’ll go back to my story.