Ghostly Travel

Cathy, a friend of mine, and I were speaking via phone when she asked if I’d heard from my daddy. She knows he’s dead and knows how it affected me. I tell everyone say all you want to loved ones while they’re alive. Then you don’t have to use a go between such as this medium to talk with them after death.

Anyway, I told her that I hadn’t heard from him in a while. Immediately he called out to me from a distance and I quote, (something I’d never say) “Hey baby, I’m just over here talking to some Japs I killed.”

As a good medium, I hope, I just repeat what I hear and don’t really hear the message. I repeated verbatim to Cathy what daddy had said. She went silent.

Now I’m thinking what did I say? And daddy repeats it.

“Oh, Cathy, you know I don’t speak that way and wouldn’t have said it like that. He was just matter of fact about it.” Because it was her and my daddy I didn’t think to censor what was said. And he said it. Now I was hit by the full impact and trying to explain to my friend.

“Ghosts are more logical than us Cathy. I could see the situation there and none of them were upset. It was just a fact. They were talking to each other like old friends reliving memories.”

I know Cathy understands spiritual ghostly conversations but this had us both quiet for a few moments.

Daddy had gone to be with the soldiers he fought in Japan was my feelings. I don’t think it was on the island where they died.

This medium, Da Juana Byrd, uses all her senses to communicate with ghosts and from what I’ve gleaned they make conscious choices as to how and where they want their lives to proceed.

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Another instance of ghostly travel is when I was going to see a friend in east Texas while traveling with a Cherokee Dancer. Most of the time I get quiet if someone else is driving and then I can watch the road or the woods, whatever catches my attention.

On this occasion I was watching the woods when I saw a native American man standing behind a tree. He made a big deal out of hiding when he poked his head out from behind the tree and I saw the mask. His leather clothing was beautiful and so was he but I could tell that he was a comedian of sorts. When I saw him standing there I got excited and told her.

She told me that he is what’s called a “Trickster or Coyote.” Further she said he didn’t necessarily bring fun. That’s the feeling I had too.

I knew he was dead and now a ghost but I really hadn’t expected him to show up either. He may have died there but I didn’t get that impression. And I didn’t think he was haunting the place because he died there. As a matter of fact, I knew from the brief mental conversation we had that he went wherever he pleased. At that moment he was pleased to show me something I didn’t know existed. For this medium it was a very informational ghostly meeting.

Ghosts have freedom of choice just as we all do.  Spirit lives and plays where they want. This Trickster and my father lent credence to that message.

You may find here some places ghosts have been known to “haunt.” Don’t you hate that word too? I mean do you actually haunt the home in which you live? Sounds bad, doesn’t it? Home is supposed to be a comfort not a dread.

With the spirit of the word “Haunt” in mind, here’s some who’ve been mentioned as to places you ought to see for ghosts’ visitation.

Haunted Haunts

If you’re looking for a place to go to see a haunting then there are plenty of places around this earth where you can visit. Hopefully you’ll meet your scary desires in these haunted haunts too. Or maybe not!

Let me mention a few of the really well-known sites who have been suspected of being haunted that you might want to check out.

First, because I’ve always loved it, the Old Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas is a favorite of mine.

I’d really like to go inside and see all the beautiful architecture where people visited and enjoyed the soothing mineral waters in the nineteen- twenties. Because I know I’ve seen ghosts there while shopping on the first floor one day in the nineties, I can say with some authority that the ghosts like to be seen.

I saw a woman dressed in her finest with her good-looking man arm-in-arm calmly descending the once elegant stair case walking right towards me in the little store I was visiting. Upon seeing the lady, I turned to look at the woman who was selling, I don’t remember what, and said, “Did you know you have ghosts here?”

My thoughts were that she probably didn’t hear that questions often but she smiled and pointed to a basket full of pictures. Then she, as calmly as the woman descending the stairs, said, “I took all of those right here watching the stairs.” It was astonishing.

I can’t remember but I think she also said she hadn’t believed in ghosts until she begun working in her shop there.

Another well-known institution for haunted living is The White House. Abraham Lincoln and other presidents are known to walk, like that better than haunt, the halls of The White House. This is but one more reason to visit our nation’s Capital.

In Louisiana a place to visit might be The Myrtles Plantation where a friend of mine who also sees ghosts spent the night with her daughter. You’ll find a link on that visit here on Dajuana.com as well.

Oh, and from what I’ve seen you don’t have to take any special cameras to take a picture of any ghost nor do you have to have a special apparatus to record ghostly voices.

I know that from doing the readings I have while being a medium and a psychic. I wasn’t the only one speaking on the tape and recorder brought by the person I was reading. Ghosts can make sure you hear them speak anywhere.

Okay one more haunted haunt you might want to visit is here in Texas too. As a matter of fact, it’s close to me. It’s the Carter ghost town. This one-time small town is now not that. People have bought the land and built newer homes. Carter still retains the once proud settlers church which brought its inhabitants together to worship.

And Carter Church in Springtown Texas also has ghosts that people have heard walking through the building as they sat praying in current times.

Is it haunted?

Is it haunted? Well if where a ghost decides to reside from day to day is haunted, then you might say yes. But guess what this medium, Da Juana Byrd, will say to you? That is since the beginning of time with souls dying and making it to the other side, there’s not much around the earth that doesn’t have ghosts who have died everywhere.

If you’re looking for my explanation since I see ghosts pretty much daily here’s my thoughts. Ghosts are plentiful and like us they’ll sometimes do things to get your attention especially if you’re a young medium or those nice ghosts think you can see them. Then they’ll really work on you until you give up and admit you’re in communication with them. And voila a medium is born to higher spiritual evolution.

Actually, a ghost most often knows who’s a medium and who’s not. In my family tree it seems to run in our tree limbs although we might not all communicate in the same manner.

My father knew ghosts were here but he said he didn’t hear them. He did tell me one time though that he saw a horse I described to him while we were camping on a known (I didn’t know) haunted plot of land.

Daddy finally told me right before his death a few years ago when I expressly asked if there was anyone in our family that had the gifts of being a medium like me that my maternal grandfather did. All my life with this gift and daddy finally tells me someone else had it right before he dies.

There’s more in my family that have this spiritual gift but most are frightened by it. You’d probably be a little unsettled as well when someone suddenly appears in your home where you’re alone and you know it. That can stir a little adrenaline.

Even friends who are around me for periods of time start to hear, see, smell, taste and feel ghostly presences. Now if you want to call me or my home haunted, you’re welcome to it but I think that I’ve got a lot of friends, some dead and some alive. Guess what those spirits that are dead have kept me safe a lot of times. Think I like those ghostly visits.