Psychic and Medium


Medium Working Murders

This is a case in point on smell used by this medium. When working a murder, I kept smelling bar b que smoke. After my repeatedly telling the person interviewing me about the smoke I smelled and they’re continually telling me they didn’t know where it came from, they realized it was to my left as I told them. It was a bar b que café right next to where the victim was killed.

Ghosts may suddenly appear to someone unknown as a medium. Perhaps that person is having a very profound one-time-only medium experience never to be done again. This type medium ship affair is generally a warning from a ghost relative or friend that takes care of the person left here on earth. It might even be notice for their child, family or for a friend.

There is no set method in which a medium, professional or otherwise, connects with ghost. As a matter of fact, the above mentioned medium tools can be utilized one at a time or in concert to give the person, alive or dead, seeking out medium or psychic advice the information they require.

Medium Reads for the Dead as Well as the Living

And, yes, I found out that a good medium reads for the dead as well as for the living something I didn’t realize before a ghostly visit. This came from a ghost I didn’t particularly want in my home and I told him to leave.

This ghostly man didn’t feel like a nice person and he wasn’t while alive but he needed help to raise his vibration in heaven in order to change. This is a very simple explanation in which to account for this action but he wanted to be better.

He told me that I wasn’t confined to reading for live people only. He said that I was here to help both the living and the dead. He was right. When he asked me his question Angels were there to help him and me in answering. We both learned something.

Most often good mediums extend service to both those living and dead because they are very caring people themselves. That’s why they do what they do. Most don’t make a lot of money and give of their time while being castigated for what they do on earth.

Just think. Would any person in their right mind (watch it) become or do something which they knew others would hate them? The obsession to help others is great in most mediums and psychics. That’s why we do it.

Psychics Can Be Mediums too

To make a long story short Psychics can be Mediums too but may not be. Perhaps they prefer not to see ghosts and ghosts don’t come where they’re not invited.

Did you notice I just mentioned not invited? Everyone who sees ghost have to have invited them at one time or another.

An example might be, “Oh if I could only hug my mother or dad one more time.” That’s an invitation. Watch your words if you don’t want a ghostly visitor.

But if you want to find a good medium or psychic, word of mouth is the best manner in which to find a competent ready-to-serve psychic or medium. As with any psychic reading, allow your medium to work. Don’t prejudice your reading by giving too much information to you or your lost loved one’s reader. Let them tell you what they see.