Vacation or weight watching?

Vacation or weight watching?  Both seem to be what I took last week.  There wasn’t a grand vacation sitting on an island, watching the beautiful, clear, blue ocean or sipping a cool drink while feeling the wind gently caress my hair.  No, it was rest though.More...

You know how I’ve mentioned that when you think you need a vacation to take it.  If you don’t, you’ll get it in one way or another.  Well, it seems that Da Juana didn’t take her own advice.  So last week she got a little taste of both worlds. 

Let’s really not say taste because there wasn’t any fine food on this vacation.  No tropical breezes either.  Only the sofa, the TV in the background and the wish that I’d get better quickly but, alas, as they say in the books, that wasn’t happening either. 

For a couple of bad days, I thought I was on the other side meeting Red Fox’s, Elizabeth.  I could have sworn I saw her.

Really, though, I did do some soul searching and really was out of body.  Thank you God.  I returned looking life over and being thankful for all we have even though there’s been some times lately that make me realize I really am human. 

On another note, my friend, or is she, Connie, said I needed to lose some weight.  It’s her fault, isn’t it?  Next time, I’ll just go to the islands and starve.

Da Juana