Vacationing bug….

Well, now I’ve seen it all, a vacationing bug without the vacation and without even the fun of vacation searching.  And I really mean it. More... 

A mean little bug that invades cruise ships found me this weekend.  After having a wonderful night of eating my favorite foods of boiled shrimp and crab cakes, I had the night from hello……and found out that it was the Cruise ship virus later.  Well, you know I had seafood, which, unluckily for me, I saw twice.

At about one thirty AM, I began an odyssey of holding the garbage can between my legs while sitting on the classic throne.  This happened every ten minutes or so until about eight in the morning.  Then, thankfully, I went to sleep.  And slept. 

I’ve had stomach viruses before but nothing like this.  Around three that Saturday morning, I was trying to decide whether to drive myself to the hospital or not.  Thankfully, I have the other side to advise that I wasn’t about to cross over then even though I might wish for the peace and stoppage.

Can you imagine if someone were away from home with this mess?

Thank God I’m getting better but I’m walking very carefully and chloroxing everything.

Da Juana