A vacation is something I really haven’t had in such a long time that I have forgotten what that really is. But my friend hasn’t. The b…., I mean lovely lady, is down in the West Indies enjoying herself. I really do want her to have fun. Really!


But you know what she had the gall to do. She called on about her second night there to see how we were doing. Then she just let drop that she would be going over to Antigua to party the next morning. You know, do a little island hopping, the bi……., I mean sweet person that she is always thinking of me.


Any way, she will probably come back more tan than she usually is and more relaxed than her Libra soul can take. I notice that she hasn’t called me since. Maybe she has been too busy drinking whatever it is they drink down there and forgetting about all her troubles and listening to the waves rolling in, you know how much I love that. Did I tell you that I am a Libra too and we never, well usually never, get jealous over someone else’s good fortune.


I don’t mean to sound as if I am jealous. I’m really not. I really am glad that she is down there enjoying the wind, the waves and the scenery, oh, and did I forget to mention that she has been snorkeling, the b……, I mean my precious friend. Let me see what I can say good about her now because she will probably read this when she gets home next week and….well, you know, just because you are psychic, because she is too, doesn’t mean you can’t get your feelings hurt. That said, Connie, I really do love you and hope that you are having fun. Well, I really can say that she is smarter than me. After all, she went on a gorgeous vacation.


Da Juana