Since November I have been trying to get a telephone company to let me do business with them for our personal and business account. All I can say is if we did business in the same way, we would be broke.

In November, I got a man who told me would help but made me wait until January when he then told me he was leaving the company. This man was kind enough to give me to another representative. After trying to get in touch with him for a long period of time, I finally reached him. He said that he would have to check this out. He did and informed me that he didn’t have time to help me. But, he said, he would give me to someone who could. That was in February.

Now I am almost to the end of April and I have finally gotten someone in that company who is helping me. And it should be accomplished before the end of April, thank God.

I have been thinking. (I know, I know. You think that is all I do.) This country is rapidly becoming a place with workers in the service industry. We no longer manufacture that many products unless a mom and pop starts. Then the larger companies try to buy them up before they can cause any real problems. But back to the service part. It seems that this particular telephone company told their employees that they are to be quick, be assertive and that they should tell the customer (me) what I want instead of listening and helping with what I need. That makes for a service industry that is not a service industry.

If I told you that our psychics are right no matter what, would you trust me? I think not. And I certainly don’t listen to anyone who tells me what I need unless it truly is something I need. Where is the pride of workmanship? I have it still in my readings. I have it when I am doing something around the house. I think that is the mark of a good human being when they take pride in whatever they do. Sadly, I don’t think that all businesses have that attitude any more. Do you?

Da Juana