You know how I told you that I rarely take the time to be a woman. I rarely go shopping or do things other women do. Well, now I have two things I do that I figure most women like. One is that I have started to take ballroom dancing with a couple of friends. Just don’t get enough time for it.


The other thing that I do for myself is that I buy good face cleanser and products that make me look a little better, I hope. My daughter had told me about a product that she loved but I listened with only one ear. Later, my friend, Connie, told me that she wanted to share a product with me. Guess what. It was the same and I am hooked. It uses all natural products so you know I would be. So, I guess I do have a couple of things that I do like a woman now.


Today, I was doing a segment on a radio show for a person I like a lot. She was working with two other men whom I had never met. To make a long story short, one of the men began to question me about what I do and how religion looks at my ability. I didn’t have a problem with it but because I had to leave early because of prior commitments, I didn’t get to discuss it quite like I would have liked. Anyway, as I said before, to make a long story short, one of the men asked if I had any ghostly friends visiting right then. I went into a dissertation on how I didn’t demand that ghosts appear but rather ask if anyone over there is willing to talk with us. Really, most just walk up and wait for me to acknowledge them. Instead a man walked up while I was telling them no and stood. I told them who he was by giving his characteristics and looks, height, etc.. Guess who’s father he was?


Gotta go for now.


Da Juana