In my years as a psychic/medium, it never fails to amaze me that people think ghosts ought to come when a person thinks of the particular ghost they want to hear from. Ghosts like to accommodate and try very hard to do so even when they are doing other things. Things like fishing or horse racing. These are only a couple that I have heard from the other side.

The dead people I have talked with over the years are really very nice about coming when called. And it is also amazing to me that they hear as well as they do. When they have a loved one who is suffering, they generally stop what they are doing and go to them. How many so called “live” people do you know who would do that?

Another thing, it is very hard for me to call ghosts dead people. They really aren’t. They just live more freely than we do. These amazing people have all the gifts that I, as a psychic/medium, could only dream of having. Ghosts see what’s coming and what’s been behind and they don’t have to worry about time.

I am very grateful that ghosts come and talk with me so that we can help others.

Da Juana