Karen just read my info on Voices, a book that I had in mind some years ago but didn’t completely finish because of some special circumstances, which was given to me by the other side.  It’s funny how that works.  They talk.  I generally listen.  Hence, my book, “Ghosts Talk—How To Hear and Talk With Them.”More...

Anyway, I’d like to answer Karen.  So, as in the past, please bear with me because I think that maybe you might like to hear my answer too.  Her email is below.

“Hi, I have just read your info on the voices you hear. This has been happening to myself and now my daughter for the last few years. Is there anything I can do to help deal with this? Sometimes it scares me and other times I feel so peaceful and thought free. Please help!!!
Many thanks,


Can I say?  Sure I can, I’m writing this right now.  Well, you’re getting to see how I talk with ghosts every day and sometimes myself.  Don’t worry.  I don’t think I’m crazy.  I start to ask a question, they answer before I get the question out.  They’re the best mind readers of all. 

Back to Karen.  Hopefully, Karen, you’ll feel good about all the voices you and your daughter hear.  Generally, ghosts only associate with like personalities.  If you’re not a drug abuser, alcoholic (boy that was a hard one to spell), give up your choices, responsibilities or are otherwise demented, then guess what?  The only people who’ll come to see you are those who are like you.  You know, “Birds of a feather,” and all that.  It’s true.

Now, if you’re like me, you might have others come to teach.  There are no accidents and there is nothing set in stone in our universe and beyond.  Ghosts have a mind of their own just as we do.  When talking with someone, I can ask their dead loved ones to come but if they’re otherwise busy, they’ll do as they please. 

Do rest assured though that ghosts, like strangers—because some are, can sometimes make you feel a little less than eased until you get to know them.  After all, as I tell you in my book, “Ghosts Talk,” we’re only ghosts in human clothing.  Every spirit has their own mind, even our pets and I could go on and on with rocks and everything.  Spirit is everything…..and I’m really serious.

In other words, enjoy your visitors.

Da Juana