Vote out the incumbents

Vote out the incumbents.

That’s a message I agree with whether they’re Republican or Democrat because I don’t believe we have any, or at least not many, honest politicians. Perhaps we never did but I’m optimistic that we’ve had and have some great people in our government, those that aren’t just political figures.

As for the president, each resident in the Oval office must care and have cared at least a little because each gray so fast. The hair doesn’t lie unless you decide to use colorful resources with your local hairdresser like Ronald Regan did, I think. Otherwise that man’s dark hair sure didn’t age.

Make no bones about it, I’m a proud American. I’m not an Italian, Native American, French or Irish American and I know there’s other unfound nations in my gene pool. With all the native ingredients that make me who I am, I’m still purely a proud American. Since America is where I was born being anything else by American is a divisive notion in my estimate. And when a person decides that they want to be born again as an American citizen I think that’s still the same values. They have become American, not anything else.

This year I’ve given up my right to vote. Before you go all hog-headed on me, let me explain. Anger because I wanted our country to make a difference by becoming better as a whole isn’t getting me anywhere. We still have the same political mess no matter if we vote out the incumbents or NOT. I’m tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Isn’t that a horrible phrase? But it’s one I’ve heard and repeated numerous times in the last few years.

Greed runs our country and truly the world. Politicians pass the laws which give them more power to proceed with their gluttony even after they’ve left office. Until we get people, like George Washington and our armed forces (all people who believe they’re doing and have done it for the right reasons), willing to give their lives to assist everyone by making our country better without making huge profits while in our Legislative Branch and after they leave, then we’ll always allow the shell game to continue. When we’re at odds with each other, Republican against Democrat, we’ll continue to reap what we sow. We’ll keep voting out the incumbents without ever making a difference.

Okay, so maybe I will vote but I’m not promising anything. My daddy (World War II) and my brother (a Navy seal) fought to make this country better and though I wish there never had to be a war, because it only means we’re fighting our brothers and sisters on earth, I’m honored to say that both protected the United States of American without thought of monetary reward other than keeping us free. Maybe, like them, I should keep on trying too.

Da Juana