Warning signs of stroke…

Last night before I went to sleep, which wasn’t until about two AM, someone ghostly told me to give the warning signs of stroke.  They said that the general warning signs just aren’t enough because some people, like my husband, Claude, don’t always exhibit those signs.More...

So, I’m here to tell you what happened when Claude had the stroke.  Within a couple months of the stroke, Claude fell out of bed several times and didn’t understand why.  He would forget that he had just asked me a question.  After getting the answer and taking a few steps away, he would come back and ask the same question again.  Claude had a hard time distinguishing a nine from a six in card games.  He ran into a wall and bumped his head and thought it was because he wasn’t watching.  (This happened the night before the massive stroke in 2004.)  We found out later that a hospital administering a drug to him had caused a small stroke some years before which started more occurrences.

Hopefully, with these signs, I’ve done my duty as the other side asked.  If this helps one person, I’m glad my dearly departed friends impressed upon me to give the information.  There’s always a reason.  There are no accidents.

Again, hope this helps.

Da Juana


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