Was it a dream or…..

The other night I dreamed. Or at least, I think it was a dream. It may not have been. I may have been out-of-body. Anyway, it went like this. I was standing with two people, guides, who have worked with me before and we were looking at two doctors working on my husband, Claude. He looked to be in what I perceived to be, at the time, a dental chair, leaned back while the two doctors worked on either side at different points of his head. While these two doctors worked, I heard from my two dead friends that Claude would receive his sight back in seven or seventeen months. You would think that I would have latched onto the time but obviously I didn’t.


When I awoke the next morning I forgot to tell Claude. It wasn’t until two days later, while doing something in the kitchen, maybe getting out cutlery, that I recalled his having what I thought was a surgical procedure to help him regain his sight. It purely irked me that I couldn’t remember the time period. And the surgical procedure wasn’t invasive, as you might believe surgery would be. It was over quickly and he had regained his sight. After recalling this dream, Claude informed me that it wasn’t a dental chair that I had seen. It was a chair used by ophthalmologists. He was right but when I was in the middle of it, the only comparison I could make was to a dental chair.


Hopefully, this is precognitive whether it is a dream or out-of-body. We both really want Claude to regain his sight fully. You can’t appreciate someone really losing his or her sight until you live with someone who has. Bless his heart; I know that I still can’t fully appreciate it because I have my sight, thank God. But I really want this to happen for him.


Da Juana