We choose friends for many reasons.

We choose friends for many reasons. Most of the time these friends compliment us by either having a personality like ours or the total opposite. Either way we get to see ourselves in different lights, not just what we think we are, because we’re a direct reflection of those we choose to “hang with.”

We generally know immediately upon meeting someone whether we’ll like them or not. That’s the auras touching. Doesn’t that sound intimate? And in truth, it’s about as close as one can come to intimacy without physical touch. Each of us uses his or her aura on a daily basis without ever realizing it. The aura is tantamount to the brain. Both work in the background to assist you in staying alive.

But I digress here. I mean to mention that we should be very appreciative of our friends. I know I am. Being a psychic/medium it’s not always easy to be friends with others.

First, they’re generally frightened of me. Second, once they figure out that I’m real, most only want to use me for my talent, not true friendship. I could go on and on but I’m not a complainer and I have some very special friends.

One of my best friends is like me, both a psychic and a medium. There is a difference between the two. We’ve spent many lifetimes jointly. When we’re together, we play without worry. We’re just two women having fun.

This friend is a safe hideout from the rest of the world. We trust each other, shop or whatever, laugh, agree or disagree without fear and enjoy our life. We’re there for each other in the had times too.

A real friend is the best reward you can have in this life. Hope you have at least one you can call your own.

Da Juana