Web site….

The other day while working on a web site, I had to install countries of the world on a form.  While typing each country’s name into the form, I heard someone from the other side making jokes about those country names.More...  

It wasn’t malicious.  It was just something designed to make me laugh.  And I did.  I couldn’t help it.  These ghost antics were taking my mind off some very uneasy events in my life.  But I needed to work and I told him so.  Did he stop?  No!  He had me laughing until tears were coming from my eyes.  And of course, as always, I realized later that I was speaking to him aloud.

Claude heard me laughing and talking, then asked with whom I was speaking.  I mentioned that someone on the other side was being comical.  He’s used to this type thing from me but I try to be more silent generally.  When Claude interrupted the two of us, I asked who the person was, since his voice sounded familiar.  He said, “Sister, don’t you know my voice?”

He was always a jokester in life and now in death.  My brother can still make me laugh.  Humor is something I find wonderful in others and appreciate more with each day.  What I am thankful for more is that my brother made me laugh one more time.

Da Juana