Weckage of the World Trade Center and the cross…..

On my favorite coffee-drinking-show in the morning, Today, I heard a news story about the wreckage of the World Trade Center and the cross which people launched an American Flag upon. Anchors went on to say that some atheists were upset and that the metal cross which was a part of the World Trade Center collapse would be unwelcomed in the museum.

Because of my getting accused of taking sides with people some may not like I generally try to keep my opinions to myself. But this one put one more nail in the coffin of what I think men and women have fought and died for and that is freedom. Being the medium I am I know that on the other side people who went to war here on earth for things they believed to be true and patriotism have larger agendas there. It’s for those of us left here to sort out and try to fix and is a part of our spirits evolution.

Let me start by saying I’m not religious. I’m spiritual. Religion, as you’ve heard me mention before, has been the reason so many people have been to war. To my way of thinking any idea that’s brought people together in political or spiritual agreement are religious in their fervor. To me that’s church like even if you say you don’t believe in a higher power. So to me atheism is a religion.

I’m not here to debate that but what I’d like to address is the further division of our country. This was just the last straw for me and perhaps I should read my horoscope for today because I’m now going to give you my views on my country’s state of mind.

First, I’m giving you my view on the cross in the September 11 Museum. I don’t particularly like crosses. Wait, before you go Jesus was killed on the cross, I’m about to give you my interpretation of why I hate them. Every time I look at a cross I think of man’s inhumanity, something we humans still exhibit more often than I appreciate. And I’ve heard about how this is because Jesus died for our sins. So I know that too. However you and I know it was ultimately from human hatred because of his “radical beliefs” that Jesus died. Love, which he Jesus taught, isn’t radical to me. But, and here’s the big one, I agree with your right to show the cross and furthermore with the right of the museum to display something that even I find comforting though I have no love for crosses. Any religion, including atheism, should find it in their heart to try not and stifle another’s beliefs. Just my thoughts here.

Secondly, I think our country has been divided even further and it gets to the very marrow of man. Let me say here that I know this started from a need but I think we’ve come to a point where there is a division because of the thoughts. I heard one of my favorite, not to mention most attractive male stars, Morgan Freeman, on the Today Show no less remind someone that he’s not African American. He’s American. He’s right. My heritage is American. I’ve probably got more international genes than Carter has little liver pills but I’m ultimately an American. When we call each person out as being African or Mexican or whatever American, then we’re using divisive tactics as well. Let’s unite our country once again.

Perhaps we’re getting too politically correct. There are those groups who may need to show who they are in order for the populous to see and understand that they too have rights. But for them to continue to bully their way into the lives of those who may have come to believe as they do long after they’ve brought attention to their issue is turning more heads into stubbornness instead of remembering what’s right.  All should have our freedom to think as we want but we shouldn’t try to force others into our way of thinking.

Before you think I have no right to speak as I do, let me mention that it hasn’t always been easy being me. I’ve been picketed by religious groups carrying signs stating that I and the others at the psychic fair where I was working were going to hell for our beliefs. As I recall they didn’t ask one of us psychics or mediums our thoughts on religion. These people took for granted they knew what I believed. So they sought me and others like me out to protest against (their Constitutional right). And that wasn’t the only time I’ve had ignorance follow me.

As a woman (no race here) first and a medium/psychic second (spirituality which is my business) I’ve been persecuted by ignorance. Ask any woman if they’ve been discriminated against. She’ll probably answer that she doesn’t get paid like a man and isn’t allowed in any male clubs (well guess what there’s times I don’t want them in our clubs). She didn’t have the right to vote until August 18, 1920 but who’s counting. See we all have our “Crosses” to bear. But you know what, I love being a woman and a medium/psychic. Thank God I am in this life. Part of my belief is that we learn by being different races, cultures and sexes in different physical lives in order to spiritually evolve. And I know I’ve already remembered lots of those past lives and the lessons I learned.

What I’m about to say will make you think I’m religious but I use the history and the lesson it taught. As Cain said in the Bible, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Genesis 4:9. This was when God asked where Abel was. And he found out that in God’s eyes he was his brother’s keeper even though he’d killed his brother Abel out of jealousy. In my view that doesn’t mean that he had the right to tell his brother how to believe or live but rather he was to accept his brother for who he was beliefs and life. Cain didn’t have the right to kill Abel because of his own issues. As that story played out though we know he did neither. He let his lustful envy win.

Jealousy which is greed seems to run our beautiful earth. Isn’t it time for all of us to become our brother’s keeper and realize we’re all different yet ultimately the same in the eyes the ultimate spiritual source? After all it doesn’t matter the name usage only the divine sentiment.

Da Juana

P. S. These are only my views….now I think I’ll check my horoscope.