Weight lifting……

This week I started weight lifting again and remember now just how much I missed it.  Claude has always told me that I look like a natural weight lifter.  Is that a compliment?  Years ago I worked out religiously because it gave almost gave me the same endorphin rush that I get while reading people. More... 

It’s not unusual for me to be up all night after reading for people all day.  There must be something that happens in my brain that sets off that runner’s high.  It sometimes takes days for me to come down. 

Right before some catastrophic event, I’ll start doing something a little different.  It’s not the same.  My nerves feel as if they are going to bounce right out of my stomach.  Then a sense of “I should have done something,” occurs even though there was nothing I could do.  It’s not as bad now as it used to be but it still rears its ugly head on occasion.

Anyway, back to the muscle strengthening.  I’m loving it.  I get up early go into the gym, work out with weights, do some cardio and feel like a million dollars.  That’s a good thing.  Being spiritual means you take care of your body too.  Maybe I’d been neglecting that because I thought I didn’t have time.  Now, I’m making it.

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