Well again, Well again, Yeah!

Thanks for the good wishes. Had a question that I would like to share with you. As you know, when I get a question I feel can help others I try to anwer it right away. I love working with people who have been born again to the other side and I love letting them speak through me to help educate those who want to learn. I am rambling on……here is the question:

“If you are feeling better I would like to know if a deceased person knows the anniversary of their death and does this mean anything to them? The date of my Dad’s death is coming up and I was wondering does he know like we know?”

People on the other side can see the future, past and present. They know about anniversaries such as birth, death, etc. but they only worry about them because of us. Those events don’t mean that much to them but they will be around when they know the event means something to you. Your dad will try to be close to comfort the ones he loves. Love is something that travels to the other side just as a lot of other emotions, additions and other items do.

Hate to say this again because I sound as if all I am trying to do is sell my book and I am but…….Ghosts Talk answers so much of this and more. The reason I wrote it was to try to help others learn about their future which is on the other side too.

Da Juana