Well, chalk another sound up to the ghosts

Well, chalk another sound up to the ghosts after a friend socializes with me. Moreover it’s a male friend and you know they don’t like to admit that a little ghost might scare them: male ego and all.

When you’re around me for a while, though, it’s not unusual to begin to hear or see ghosts. This sweet intelligent man who is quite logical made the mistake of telling me last night while we spoke on the phone that he’d love to have contact with a ghost. No sooner had we gotten off the phone until some well-meaning spirit gave him a telephone call in another room so that he had to walk into that room to answer the phone. But, wonder of wonders, no phone was ringing.

Yeah, as you can imagine and as happens frequently, I immediately got another call from him whereupon he told me what had happened in a strained trying-to-be calm voice. When I said that’s the way those on the other side do it he repeated the incident as if I hadn’t heard him the first time he explained what had happened.

Again I mentioned that ghosts will generally let you hear them first and I reminded him that he’d just requested bravely that he’d like to communicate with one. Also, I let him know that ghostly foot steps are not unusual and I reminded him yet again that if he’s going to continue to enjoy my friendship he’ll have to get used to unusual happenings.

Be aware. This doesn’t only happen to people around me but it seems to come more easily when you are with me. As I told him all you have to do is ask and just as with “The Field of Dreams,” they’ll come.

Da Juana

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