Well, enough of this Texas weather all ready.

Well, enough of this Texas weather all ready. Residents here know that if you don’t like the weather wait for thirty minutes and it’ll change.

Okay then, it’s been since Monday night that we’ve been iced in. That’s more than adequate. Thirty minutes has passed. It’s time to go on with the Super Bowl in a weather-friendly fashion.

Without concern for football though, I’m really all set for the weather to get warmer. Had I wanted cold weather, I’d live up north somewhere and though I love seals and polar bears, green acres in the south is good for me. Or Hawaii…..mmmh. Oh, don’t get me wrong; I don’t mind freezing for a couple of days while in the relative warmth of my home because those few days stuck inside make me appreciate great, Sunkist, weather but enough is enough.

Even my dogs have had their fill. How many times can you go out and slide down a hill to do your daily duty in one little spot of grass? That gets old even for them. The steady crunch of ice under their little feet is sufficient to make a doggy mother cringe thinking that some of that hardened water might actually cut into their little paws. It’s a good thing they have toenails to give them a little traction. Otherwise, they might be little doggy statues at the bottom of the hill. That would create other problems because mother would have to sled down, oh well, a MacGyver moment, I’m back. You see what being alone with your dogs will do for you?

At least we’re warm, well fed and really very happy. Madeline has her balls to chase and Gabrielle has her mother’s lap to keep toasty. So, from our home to yours, especially if you’re in this kind of weather too, sip hot tea, smile and know we’ll be warmer soon.

Da Juana

P. S. This kind of climate really should make me want to work harder and I guess I am but I’m ready for some play too. In case you want to read other samples of my work, please settle in and peruse at www.dajuana.com.