Well, I saw that ghostly figure of a man once again yesterday

Well, I saw that ghostly figure of a man once again yesterday while speaking with my friend, Cathy.

He was in the hallway coming in from outside. Is there a meaning to that? I’m sure there is because the moment I formed the question, as with all my psychic and medium thoughts, the answer was given by a beautiful melodic medium-to-low range male voice. Hmm, very intriguing.

At any rate Cathy was extolling the virtues of enjoying my life to the fullest as I walked into the breakfast room. Just as I turned to enter the room, I saw him walk in from the garage. He’s still showing himself in silhouette form completely covered in black, and no, it’s not Johnny Cash, so that it keeps the mystery ongoing, just enough to build old-horror-movie suspense but in a very good way.

My spidey senses have begun to pick up some good vibes from this person and by the time he gets here, whether it’s for business or play, I’ll be ready. Oh my! I just heard that I might have met him but if I did, I don’t recall and I’m sure with the vibrations I pick up from him I would have remembered.

Like ice cream, I can savor this feeling for a little while and will keep you tuned in if you’d like.

Da Juana

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