Well, once again, I got a three-Queen layout on my Gong Hee Fot Choy.

Well, once again, I got a three-Queen layout on my Gong Hee Fot Choy. You probably know what that means but just in case you don’t, it means when three Queens touch that you have arguments with friends. And since my Gong Hee is pretty rich in what’s going on in my life, it generally pans out to be correct.

Today, though, it went against my grain, if you know what I mean? Instantly I commented that there was no argument with friends when I heard the answer from, you guessed it, the other side? “Yes, you do,” I heard. “You argue with us constantly.”

To my way of thinking, it’s not constantly but after thinking about it for a minute second I realized they were right. What’s bad about that is that those people change from day to day as to whom I’m speaking and generally it’s a very large group of souls. So, you know it’s pretty bad when they mention it in regard to all of them. It’s probably because they’ve cycled in-and-out of my life and realize that I may discuss (like that word better) just a tad.

Most of us take friends for granted, don’t we? I try not to but I guess I really do take the other side for granted although I rely on them to carry me through my life. Yeah, I might argue, a little—really, I guess it’s time for me to truly look at the issue here, I really question them a lot whether about me or the ones I read for, but it’s done with love and appreciation for their contribution to my life.

I really hope I quit getting that three-Queen-spread because I’m probably going to continue questioning the other side even though they can see more than me.

Da Juana

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