Well, once again, this medium has been frightened by a ghost.

Well, once again, this medium has been frightened by a ghost. Please remember that it doesn’t make me feel good to have to admit this but just in case you’re seeing ghosts and are scared, know that I’m not above those good times either.

The other night my friend and I were, let’s say, enjoying each other’s company when to my surprise, a male ghost, (why does it always have to be male) crept up behind him. It wasn’t enough that I saw the ghost right behind his head but the surly spirit then sidestepped so that I could see every fleshy looking part of him.

Right in the middle of the good part, from fear of an errant man being in my home, I let out an expletive that no one could take as a compliment. Surely he didn’t.

The loud and quick “Oh s***” left little to be desired.

When he inquired what could be the matter, I answered, “Nothing, it’s okay,” and tried to go back to what we’d been so involved in before.

But you know how men are; they just won’t let anything go. He then insisted on knowing what I’d seen after explaining to me that the look of fear on my face scared him and that he knew it had to be something so that I couldn’t explain it away with “nothing.”

What I didn’t explain to him was that the ghost showed up in tin type which is generally a precognitive (something to come) sign to me although he was dressed in depression-era clothing.

Sometimes it isn’t funny dating a medium? Finally I told him and related that it was his uncle, I thought, because of the shape of his face.

You can imagine that might have hampered the night the least little bit but thankfully, we were able to regain control of our evening. Oh well, the life of a medium.

Da Juana

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