Well, this ghost had a new one for me.

Well, this ghost had a new one for me. As long as I’ve been a medium and that’s been since my first memory I’ve never had a ghost do me this way.

Let me tell you about it. I was home alone, except for Gabrielle, settling in and cleaning my new home. Within full view of the front and back doors, I walked across from my den to my kitchen when I saw a flesh and blood looking man walk quickly, as if he were trying to get away unnoticed, between me and my front door and go down the hall.

Immediately my mind went to the doors and as to whether they were locked. Because of my cleaning I’d been going in and out.

As a human my and your first thought should always be on survival. First safety, then think later about whether it’s a ghost or not. With him looking so human, I was in a panic which he instantly sensed, thankfully. Otherwise I might have done something stupid like call the police. Let me see. Explain this one….oh yeah; she’s the crazy lady who lives in our jurisdiction.

When I saw him and thought an intruder might be in the house with mind racing as to my escape routes or confrontation and adrenaline jumping into high gear and the spirit did something I’ve not seen a ghost do in my lifetime. With just enough time for me to question whether he was human or not, he instantaneously appeared in my back yard walking towards the west just as he’d just done in my home.

Upon seeing this, I started to catch my breath but didn’t stop then just in case there were two of them. Well, they could’ve been identical twins. It’s possible. As I checked the doors it occurred to me that I knew the ghost especially since he told me that I did. It was my brother showing up as he’d looked as a teenager which really surprised me. What’s more, I’d just heard from my daddy in the last couple of days as well. Two family ghosts for one. So I got a wonderful surprise but it came in a heart-pounding manner.

Da Juana

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