Well you know how I feel about animals, especially dogs.

Well you know how I feel about animals, especially dogs. So you also know that when Jacky sent me the following email I’d have to answer it. As always, I think that it’s good for the psychic education of all that I answer it here and it’s in its entirety just as it was written to me.

“Dear DA Juana ,

I recently read in a book of a famous professional psychic Medium . That all animals do die and do stay around us for a while around 2 years about  ( the spirit ) but that after they return to the earth  never to return… This medium says that the earth will be to crowded if they happen to return one day to us…that makes me sad  .good day!


thank   jacky”


All I can tell you is my own experience as a psychic and a medium and my experiences tell me that not only are animals on the other side they also return to earth in reincarnation form just as we humans do. After all we’re both animals with humans supposedly being the smartest of all animals but I’ve seen some that would make me want a dog any day.


My dog, Muffin, returned as Mysti Mariah and she in turn has returned to my daughter, (little turn coat) as Bella all because of spiritual lessons that she and my baby and her family must share.


Yes, that’s right. Animals are learning spiritual lessons just as we humans are. As a matter of fact, everything involved with us and that includes our earth home is in the process of spiritual evolution because all that you see, smell, hear and all those other senses are alive just as we are.


Furthermore, the universe is vast and God has His/Her hand in all of it. So there’s plenty of room for all those souls.


Hope this has helped.


Da Juana


P. S. You might want to see what your favorite animals name means at www.puppydogname.com.