We’ve spoken about making this your best year ever….

Since it’s still close to the first of the year and we’ve spoken about making this your best year ever, let’s discuss the manner in which you can achieve that goal.

First you have to dream of what you want. Desire it. See it in all its glorious detail from start to finish. Visualize the beginning and the results coming from your goal.

Now put your plan into action. Though you might not be completely sure how to create what you want, be motivated to start by doing your research. That alone will make the move your computer brain needs to get the ball rolling and to find like-minded individuals who’ll assist you.

As you continue on your merry way, be sure to ask the universe (God) for help. You’ll be surprised how and when each helpful event will manifest. This is sometimes done through prayer or meditation. Both are the same.

Finally after you realize your goals be thankful. Try the old-fashioned revival approach and tell everybody that you know how you’ve achieved your mission and how God helped.

Let me know your success too, please.

Da Juana

P. S. Check your www.dailyhoroscopes.com to see what your astrology shows and how you can use it to achieve your desires.