What are Oracles

An oracle is a person or thing that lends prophetic psychic future vision or readings to assist one in making good choices for their lives now and in the future.

Here on dajuana.com you’ll get some great oracles or psychic personal predictions to help you. How can they really help you, you may ask, since they are not done with a professional psychic or medium or even an aunt that has intuition? Well, I’m here to tell you. We professional psychics and mediums actually read your spirit. Or at least in my case that’s the way it works and I am a professional medium and psychic. See I’ve said we’re only ghosts in human bodies (clothes) many times and I mean it. Ghosts all look the same to me whether dead or alive. And it’s your spirit I read.

On the computer your spirit makes a connection with whichever oracle (divination tool) you decide to use the moment you think of it. Then you become your very own psychic or medium because you put out a call to God and God answers in the form of the computer computing and all that through God’s hand. Bet you didn’t know that! But it’s true.

It’s much the same when you call me. Since I can really only speak for myself where professional psychics and mediums are concerned and really don’t always think the same as most others, I can only educate you in how I do things. When you call me I don’t want to know who you are. It makes it much easier for me to do my reading unimpeded then without knowing you but really knowing you, if you know what I mean. Did you get that?

I reach out to God in the form of a prayer and ask that I be guided, by whatever means, medium or otherwise, to give you the best answers I can from a great educational source. That’s why my clients always tell me that I’m right on. I don’t allow myself to become involved I just repeat what I hear, see, smell, taste, know and feel. And of course this professional psychic and medium will also say that I’m not one-hundred percent accurate. Wish I were but I’m not.

On the other hand when you ask God for help and then click on one of my oracles such as Gong Hee Fot Choy, you have a direct line to finding your future immediately or you can check to see how your days going in your own personalized reading. (Sounds like a commercial doesn’t it—but this one is free.) God and you answer each other.

If you need more, then a call to a professional psychic or medium will be your next course of action. A little word to the wise though, don’t tell them anything. It’s their job to tell you. That’s what you’re paying them for. But just for a good day to day reading try the oracles and see how they work out for you first. Bet you’ll be hooked. My favorites are in order Gong Hee Fot Choy, Animal Spirits, Numerology and Dominoes.

Oracles here include Gong Hee Fot Choy, Animal Spirits, Dominoes, I Ching, Numerology and Rune Casts. More to come too, by the way when I see what this professional psychic and medium likes.

by Da Juana Byrd