What is a Psychic and Medium?

What is a Psychic and Medium? Do you think you know what a psychic and medium is? Would it surprise you to think that you might be a psychic or even a medium? Well guess what? If you’ve ever had a dream come true, had a feeling of something good or bad impending, had a thought that you needed to be careful or any other thing you considered a little hinky, you may be a psychic or medium too.

No, you say, you don’t want to be like me! I’ve heard that before from my little daughter but you know God works in mysterious ways as the Bible says and she’s like her mother too. Hope she’s not reading this.

You see God gives this ability to everyone, not just me even though I am a card-carrying psychic and medium. Not everyone can read as well as a genuine professional psychic and medium but if they have one little bit of ability, say one time when they got a feeling or something like that, “they” meaning you, can be taught to do more. Over time as your confidence grows so will your gift.

Make no bones about it sometimes it doesn’t feel like a gift when you see something horrible and it comes true or when you work murders, abductions and the like. Though you may feel proud you can work them and that you were right, there’s no pleasure in it. They stay with you, especially when you feel the sorrow coming from those who loved the dead person or abductee.

Psychic and medium gifts are really great though. For me, it’s like breathing. If you ever have one of those times you’ve thanked God for showing you, then you know what I mean. I thank God sometimes from moment to moment.

And just to let you know, you’re like me, ha, ha, ha. Maybe another couple of ha, ha’s especially to my daughter. I’m not trying to make fun, just enjoy the comradery. Because then you know that though you might have thought deep down that you’re better than those people (you know who they are and there are some who are what you and I wouldn’t like around us) and still you may not like it but you’re just like me, a psychic and a medium.

Da Juana Byrd