What’s happening to our honeybees?

What’s happening to our honeybees?  Beekeepers say that 30-60% of the populations of bees on both sides of the Atlantic are disappearing.  What does that mean to people in general?  We all know that bees not only make honey but they also pollinate our food.  If there are no bees, then plants are unable to meet the reproduction qualities that bees provide.  Hence, no food. More... 

Most of the time, we don’t even notice bees and what they do until one gives up her life by stinging us.  Then we really notice those @@((&& bees.  But until then, we really don’t give something that important to our lives a thought.  They are taken for granted just as a lot of other items in life are. 

But think about it.  Something that small has a very big impact upon mankind’s existence.  Isn’t it funny?  If you look at this from a bigger picture, then you realize that we are all part of the whole and anything that comes up missing from the whole, makes a difference.

So in that manner, remember that you’re part of the whole too.  Whether you believe it or not, you have an impact upon the earth and all it’s inhabitants too.  See how important we all are from the beautiful bee to the clouds in the sky.  We matter.

Just a thought,

Da Juana