When I did this a ghost in shadow form moved…..

Last night, while speaking with a friend, I mentioned that love was something that I’d finally realized in a man. When I did this a ghost in shadow form moved behind my sofa and over my head so that I could see the shadow of a man plainly casting across my couch-side table.

My ex-husband’s probably loved me each in his own way. God, that sounds so bad, husbands, but it’s true. One is still alive the other died this year and he’s the one who’d been terrorizing my dog because he knew he could until I told him to stop.

When he moved over me he said, “I love you too,” in that voice in which I was so familiar. And I appreciate that he does and did which I mentioned to him as well.

The lesson in this is that we truly never die and we’re capable of giving messages to those who are willing to listen but also that you’re never truly alone especially if you’re a medium like me.

Da Juana

P. S. For more on my life with ghosts, please read www.ghoststalk.com.