When I feel…..

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something that is about to happen, whether it is national or family and friends, my stomach feels as if heavy iron butterflies are fluttering about in there. Not to mention that my whole body shakes from the inside out. And that is the way I have been feeling for a few days now. I have many reasons for the feeling. Some I won’t mention but I also think there is more headed our way.

I haven’t heard anyone else with the same complaint but generally it takes others a few days to start, even some of my psychic friends. This is the way I felt right before the shuttlecraft blew up over us. And the way I feel before a big earthquake, you get it. Not a fun feeling and right now I am really feeling it.

You know they say, and rightfully so, if you watch animals in the zoo they will tell you when an earthquake is about to happen. If they feel the way I do, then I can understand it.

It may be because our weather changed so drastically overnight. But then again…….

Da Juana

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  1. Replyjff0319
    Da Juana - Hope your feelings aren't right for our sake (although you are RARELY wrong), but this was on CNN a few minutes ago.... (CNN) -- A new audiotaped message purported to be from al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden warned Americans that plans for attacks in the United States were already under way. "We have seen explosions in many European countries. As for similar operations taking place in America, it's only a question of time. They are under way, and you will hear about them soon," said the message, which was aired on Arabic-language network Al-Jazeera Thursday. CNN could not immediately confirm that the voice in the poor-quality audiotape was that of bin Laden.

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