When I say ghosts are in my life, they’re in my life and the lives of those around me as well…

When I say ghosts are in my life, they’re in my life and the lives of those around me as well, no matter whether they think themselves psychic or not.

A couple of girl friends and I visited the beautiful city of Austin Texas not too long ago. After a long evening of work related fun, if you know what I mean, we went back to our hotel and did the things women do to get ready for bed. We were still hyped from the evening and learning new things we needed to assist our business efforts and needed to unwind. The tea we’d drunk earlier that night didn’t seem to help the calming down efforts.

We were joking about the president being in town and other items trying to relax and enjoy just being together. Finally one of us, me I think, mentioned that we should turn off the lights because we were already in bed and wanted to get an early start back home the next day. Cathy got up and turned off the light then went back to bed.

Well that didn’t stop our comedy efforts although generally when my head hits the pillow I’m out. We were still full of vim and vigor, laughing and whatever. We even spoke of ghosts. That’s when one of our dead friends turned the light back on. All of us lay stunned into silence for a moment then we burst into laughter when Cathy had to get up yet again to turn off the light while proclaiming that she’d already had to do this earlier.

How many times have I noticed ghosts do something like this when you mention a certain item like the lights?

At least we know there is truly life after death.

Da Juana

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