When is Jesus Birth Date?

Religion and politics are not something most desire to take on for very good reason. I’ve seen families turn on each other for both. And don’t publicly announce how you feel because mob mentality takes over.

In this world of everything being politically correct right now, I’ll be glad when we realize that just being nice is politically correct and unbigoted. Moreover I think in our commercial world we’ve forgotten why Christmas was created.

Most of you know that I’m not a religious person but am what I perceive to be spiritual, I hope. That, to me, is the purest form of spiritual concepts.

Religion has been the catalyst for the death of many only because we think God or whatever you may call Him or Her believes as you do, not as The Great Spirit does actually. But that is another story and not one I’m trying to impart my thoughts on today.

Also, if you know anything about me you know that Jesus has been in my home many times especially when I was in a time of need. So, I know Jesus and I also know John the Baptist. Both are extremely important to me. Now, I haven’t met a lot of other influential religious figures I don’t think except for Sweet Medicine, a Native American. (Just let me say here that I’m sorry to my baby because she worries when I talk about having Jesus in my home. She thinks I’d be better to speak of ghosts rather than telling people I know Jesus.)

Let me also explain that I think religion is a good thing when it doesn’t go radicalized. Those that help others in need are my idea of what human nature ought to be about and all religion as well.

Even in writing I get sidetracked. So back to my title.

Did you know that our celebration of Jesus isn’t on his birth date?

Hope you enjoy this next piece of information I’m posting.

As I’ve mentioned before churches used pagan holidays to further their ability to spread their religious thoughts. Around the time we celebrate Jesus’ birthdate today, it was a celebration for Saturnalia, which was Saturn the agricultural deity whose celebration started from about the seventeenth of December through the twenty-third. Boy those Romans knew how to party and I understand they still do. (You can read about Saturnalia here.) Also, it was the time for the winter solstice. So, that just furthered the merriment and left a marked impression on believers.

I figure Jesus must have had a little Aries in him because of his anger at the moneychangers in the temple and because he was an adventurer. But that doesn’t mean it was his Sun Sign. Luke’s Biblical account says that shepherds were watching their sheep so it must have been in the spring. Thus March and April would seem appropriate because sheep would winter inside. Read more here.

Astronomer, David Reneke, postulated that Jesus was born on June 17, 2BC. He measured how the Star of Bethlehem correlated to planetary events on that date. Now that’s a clear speaking Gemini and we know Jesus was that. He was also a duality.

At any rate, remember what Christmas is for and I like to believe it’s for what He stood for, LOVE!

So Merry Christmas to all of us who know Jesus and Happy Holidays to those who celebrate otherwise.

Da Juana