When your puppy dog is sick….

When your puppy dog is sick, the whole household is held in suspended animation of sorts.  All you can think about is getting him or her well.  As you know that’s happening with us right now.More...

Our vet thinks she has an ulcer.  What?  How can a dog have an ulcer?  Well, I’ll tell you.  The little psychic picks up on mother’s stress.  And right now, mother is stressed over her dog. 

My vet told me to give her three cc’s of Aloe Vera juice three times a day.  Now, I know that aloe is good for burns of all kinds but I didn’t realize the dramatic effect it would have on her unstable tummy.  After giving it, I could feel her stomach start to loosen, in a good way.

She still has a little bit of a sick stomach but we’re getting there.  It’s just causing mother and daddy some anxiety, which we try to hide from the psychic dog.

Da Juana