When your puppy’s sick…..

When your puppy’s sick nothing else seems to matter.  Madeline has been acting a little down in the mouth for the last few days.  Most of the time, it’s her back and neck.  The little girl likes to jump, has since we adopted her.  And now she pays for some of that.More...

At any rate, that’s only part of what’s wrong now.  Yeah, her neck hurts her but she’s throwing up too, which she does around this time every month.  Today, she went to her vet who is both holistic and conventional.  Her first question was, “What happens around that time of month to make her sick?  Is it you?”

To which I answered that she took her heartworm pill around that time of month and gets sick about three or four days before that happening.  It’s happened ever since we’ve been giving her heartworm pills.  Also certain heartworm pills make it really worse.  There seems to be only one kind we can give her.  And you know how important those pills are.

She vomited all day, off and on, but you know us doggy mothers, it seems as if it were every minute on the minute, yesterday.  And now, after the vet visit and a homeopathic treatment plus chiropractic adjustment, she’s done it again, with nothing in her stomach, at all. 

As Madeline’s mother, I’m beside myself knowing that if she doesn’t eat or drink soon, then my baby dog will have to undergo fluid return the hard way.  Hopefully she’ll want something tonight or in the morning. 

Say prayers.

Da Juana