When you’re my friend it may be hard to get used to my finishing your sentences.

When you’re my friend it may be hard to get used to my finishing your sentences or popping up with the very thing you’re thinking.  Most of the time I try not to do things like that. It doesn’t make for fast friends.

Being a psychic and a medium comes with many responsibilities. Being careful with friends is just one of those accountabilities.

People don’t like to think you know what they’re thinking. Did I say that right? You know what I’m talking about. We all like to have some secrets but any good psychic will mention that if you’re trying to hide something from them, that’s usually the first thing that will pop up in that psychic’s mind and come right out of his or her mouth. I know it does mine.

Those I’m not close to but do readings for are amazed at my ability to do this but friends are another thing all together. My pal may not want me to know she thinks my butt looks big in those jeans. And when her thoughts pop out of my mouth verbatim, there is definitely a moment of silence. You know I was using that butt thing metaphorically and mine really isn’t bad in jeans, I hope.

At any rate, my friend, Dolores, couldn’t finish a sentence the other day. We’re driving along and even when she’s silent I’m filling in the blanks with her thoughts. After a few times she turns to me and I tell her before she says a thing that I know that it’s getting to her but that’s one of the things that happens with me especially if I’m wound up. And I was. The psychic energy was apparent and bouncing off the walls. Plus I might have been having a little pity party too. You know I’m human too.

Part of the things that friends find when they have someone like me for a running mate is that not only do they begin to see ghosts and get more psychic themselves, but they have a psychic cohort that may not realize or at least not want you to realize what they’re doing at the time but can really read minds.

Being friends with someone like me brings its own responsibilities. My friend, Connie and I are both professional psychics and mediums so people have said that we’re like a spiritual tennis match finishing each other’s thoughts and doing readings together. But being a novice at the psychic thing can make it harder on a colleague who isn’t a practicing psychic.

Thank God, Dolores loves me. Otherwise I might not have made it through that day with friendship intact.

Da Juana

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