Where does responsibility for the Virginia Tech massacre lay?

Where does responsibility for the Virginia Tech massacre lay?  Is it with the gunman?  Is it with the world in general?  Certainly the gunman is at fault for the massacre.  He needs to take responsibility for his behavior and will on the other side since he made it there too along with his victims.More...

But what made him do it?  Most of us want to believe that all souls are inherently good.  That’s not always the case even though we’re all offshoots of God and therefore have a divine spark.  There are people born who only think of themselves.  Being selfish is their whole goal.  That’s how you get the sociopaths of the world.  They’re just beginning or at the newborn stage of spiritual growth. 

Then there are those born to make the world more aware.  As I’ve mentioned before, there are no accidents.  You’d be thinking right now, of course, this man meant to kill all those people and he did.  But did he do it for spiritual reasons to make this country more aware of the gun laws even though that might not have been his motive at the time or did he want to make a statement by saying that he was somebody?   

Could others have made a difference to this man had they tried to be nicer to him?  I don’t think so.  Though people tend to go their own ways today without thinking of others much, most don’t go out of their way to be hurtful.  Some people, maybe this man, needed to be angry in order to carry out this horrifying scene. 

I remember seeing a boy who was most certainly a gang member some time ago.  My mind went to the fact that he was with his mother and just a child, probably no more than thirteen.  You know me.  I say hello to everyone and read them too even if they don’t know it.  When I looked straight into this boy’s eyes and said hello, I saw hate but when I read him, I saw fear.  Does fear motivate this type person?  Probably, along with some self-loathing.

So can we stop this kind of behavior?  Not in our lifetime.  And that’s the bad part.  Until we all reach a spiritual level that makes us realize that anything we do to another, we do to ourselves, we can’t rise above this spiritual spoiled sociopath laden behavior.  Here’s to growing older spiritually older!

Da Juana