Where is the Psychic and Medium?

Many of you have been asking where this psychic and medium went. (Email works still) Well I’m here to say that I’m still on earth with earthly challenges I’ve had to overcome including but not limited to anger, stress, and a few not so nice items as well.

Part of it was due to not finding the wonderful man I have now working with me for my website. I’m so glad to be working with him, just in case you need a good, really good, web programmer.

Tell me how you like it and what else you’d like to see on Dajuana.com.

My web site was part of the stress and anger but finally I have that worked out now. Because you really don’t want a psychic/medium angry, at least I don’t. Being human it can cause all kinds of havoc from physical to mental and emotional which takes in the spiritual. Found myself backsliding a little and maybe letting my beliefs down. Oh, don’t get me wrong I’ve always been the “Guns and Roses,” type but I try to be more roses than angry.

Also, the man I love had two rounds with cancer. Let me tell you that’s not easy when you watch someone you love hurt. Never mind how hard it was on him. He had what you’d expect done to him, wasn’t pretty, and he’s coming out better now. Some of you have lived through this with me and I thank you.

You’ll be seeing blog entries again whether you really wanted to or not. I’m not arrogant enough to believe everyone wants to hear from me but like I said, email above.

And today is one of the days of my birthday month. You know if you’ve been reading my blog for very long I celebrate the whole month along with my birthday month friends (those having a birthday in this month.) Didn’t include you Deborah in this one because I know you’re a Virgo but I’ve always tried. She finally let me know that this psychic isn’t right all the time.

At any rate, I’m Backkkk!

And I missed you all.

Da Juana