Whether you believe in reincarnation or not…

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, you have the most opportune time to learn about this phenomenon when you have a child from the age of just born until they are about six years old.

Children in that age group have what some perceive to be a fertile imagination. But is it really?

As you’ve heard me mention before a person may have been an adult when they died to a prior life before returning to earth. Being born into a baby’s body doesn’t negate the memory of their past life nor the life in between trips to the physical.

Though the soul is a continuing evolutionary spirit making growth changes just as we humans do with age, in most cases it remembers its prior physical life or lives. As we age and you know well, we develop different philosophies, change our favorite colors, expand our food choices, alter friendships, and may even divorce a few times. Our lives change over a lifetime; otherwise this time on earth might become a boring existence. All this is done because our personalities age as our soul does and with it comes new opportunities for spiritual growth and transformation.

How many people do you know who remain the same throughout childhood, into adulthood and as they become seniors? Those people, if you do know them, can’t be taken in large doses. You might say, “Well, he or she still enjoys life by playing like a child,” but there’s only so much time to be given to someone who doesn’t grow up.

So, back to the children. When they’re born, they do remember the other side and their prior life but can’t tell you about it for some time, even if they are one of the few who speak quickly, like my daughter did. In that time in jail (baby’s body) without being able to communicate, other than a few cries, the child is forced to have to go through something similar to brainwashing. They come to realize that they’re completely at the mercy of their parents and begin to assimilate themselves into earthly patterns once more.

On rare occasions you might hear one brother in play tell another brother, as someone I know heard her sons do, that he was his brother before and had to protect him from getting hurt even then.

If you don’t admonish the child and don’t start to grill them as if they’re in an interrogation room with a bright light focused on their eyes, you might hear the rest of the story. Listen to your kids with an open mind and you’ll learn.

Around the age of six, children have become acclimated to their life on earth and have pushed the memories of a prior life to the back of their mind, similar to the manner in which we forget parts of our lives while aging. If the memory isn’t accessed on a regular basis, then it fades.

One more thing I’d like to state is that on the other side, time is not what we perceive here. That past life they remember could have happened eons ago and since they’re thrown into a place where we put a value on time, the child remembering the past life may be able to access a life far removed from the one we’re living now because the soul knows no time limits.

Da Juana

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