While giving a reading the other day my dead brother stopped in to talk.

While giving a reading the other day my dead brother stopped in to talk. Generally it’s ghosts that aren’t family who speak together while each individually tries to explain what’s going on with the person for whom I’m reading. And it’s usually just for the person I’m reading but this time it was for the both of us.

Learning is something I look forward to doing with each life’s experience but I didn’t think that I’d be gaining knowledge quite like this. An example of learning is like the time I told a person for whom I was reading that he had insects within insects and that yellow smoke would clear that up. I learned something that day about beekeepers even though I hadn’t been told that the man I was reading kept bees.

The look of amazement as I expressed what nice ghostly people were communicating to me through paranormal sight and speech made him fess up and I learned something I’ve never forgotten about bees. They can have unwanted insects inside them that are cured by sulfur smoke. Now, see you just learned something different too.

I’ve had dead presidents, movie stars while alive and people you’d never expect to come and talk with me. As a matter of fact, one such star told me that I was prejudiced against celebrities because I told him I wasn’t going to give a message he wanted relayed. Needless to say, the man got the message and confirmed what it meant because I didn’t know, had an idea but didn’t know for sure.

Last week though, I got a very pleasant surprise when my brother dropped in to give me a report on my life. While a dead lady was speaking, he started talking as well. Both were chatting at the same time, something I’ve dealt with most of my life, but I understood both communications completely and they were both good and needed at this time of both my client and my life.

Shock and awe was there and gratitude as well for a brother who I’ve missed and haven’t heard from in a while not only visiting but giving me pertinent information about my life.

Oh, and just so you know, the lady who was speaking as my brother so rudely interrupted didn’t get upset with him as she would’ve had she been alive. She just chalked it up to his being male as we females sometimes do when involved with a man and to the fact that she knew he wasn’t really interrupting her at all because I could understand both. Her Mona Lisa smile let me know she was okay with it.

Da Juana

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