While watching TV

Last night, while watching TV, I saw the puppy that died over Thanksgiving playing beside a chair in my den.Her bubbly little personality showed right through her furry little appearance. She almost looked sparkly while she jumped up and down so that I’d notice her. But she wasn’t the only animal ghost in the house.

There was another rather chunky black animal that I saw right before she appeared. He was about two hands across on the back with thick, wiry, black hair and while I’m writing this he’s telling me who he was. He was a Scottie that I used to know. Ghosts, whether puppies or other animals come at the most unexpected times most often but that doesn’t mean it’s not for a reason.

The little girl that died here at my home came to let me know she is happy and healthy. I know that sounds weird but it’s really not. And, the Scottie, just wanted to say hi. Both messages are appreciated. Thank God I see ghosts!

Da Juana