Who is Santa Claus?

Who is Santa Claus?  It’s that time of year, you know, when little ones try to be good in order that they can get everyone to concentrate on just how good they are so that they get what they want for Christmas.More... 

In belief of Santa, there are two camps, die-hard Santa Claus believers and defenders and the other side that for religious or what they consider reality reasons believe that Santa isn’t real.  I suppose they don’t think ghosts or psychic/mediums are real either.  Well, I’m here to tell you that the spirit of Santa is real. 

Ask any small child if he isn’t?  If they haven’t been forced to face reality, as some would like to say, then they know he is.  Santa is part of the spirit of Christmas and came to reinforce that time.  It’s a time of giving and being nice to one another.  Does that remind you of anyone, whether you’re religious or not?  By the way, Jesus wasn’t born around Christmas either.  We just celebrate it then because it was easier to get the Pagans to celebrate if we chose a holiday they were already using.

Anyway, back to Santa.  I decided to do the numerology on Santa Claus and do you know what he came up as, a “three.”  Three’s represent the past, present and future.  Think he’s been there for all those times and coming in the future.  It’s hard not to have this jolly, artistic, energetic, sociable (all “three” traits) man around.  After all, it’d take a “three” to be able to come up with all those toys, be nice to everyone even when they’re not nice and to want to visit all those houses on Christmas Eve. 

So, lets look at the evidence.  Here we have a man who lives in icy isolation with animals and elves during the year, who tells us all to be nice to one another all year long and not just at Christmas time, who works hard making all sorts of items for each and every one of us, and, this is most important of all, tries to be happy all the time, making a good role model for us all.  That’s who Santa Claus is. 

Really think I’ll keep him because I know he’s real.

Da Juana