Why me Lord…….

I’ve heard many people mouth the words from an old song, “Why me Lord, What have I ever done?”  What they don’t realize is they set up certain situations to learn spiritually.  More...

The next question then would be something like this:  “If, as you say, I set this up, and I don’t believe I did, then was I stupid?”

And the answer would be, “No.”  On the other side you think of items you want to learn while living this extraordinary life, then when you come here you have choices to make.  Hope, I’m making sense.  There is no predestination.  It’s only choice.  The setup of life might have some aspects that seem to indicate predestined affairs but in reality a choice is made.  From that choice another is made and so on and so forth.  Did that sound a little Biblical?  If it did, it was just a past life leaking through.

But what of illness and loss of loved ones?  Illness might be one of those aspects you created for yourself so that you could make choices whether they seem to be the right ones or not.  I had polio, one of the first cases really.  Shows my age, doesn’t it?  Many don’t even know what that is anymore and thank God for it.  If you’ve read my book, “Ghosts Talk,” you know why I had the polio. 

Loss of loved ones is another item that is spoken of on the other side by all involved and acted upon on this side.  It’s all done for your spiritual growth but that doesn’t make the hurt any easier.  Being human isn’t always easy but it’s a gift.

So enjoy this gift and live it to its fullest.

Da Juana