Will you please?

Tonight I ask that you do me a favor if you don’t mind.  My friend, Connie’s, daughter is a wedding planner and also does the flowers for those weddings.  At this time she is one of the three florist doing wedding bouqets on the NBC 5 television program here.  The name of her business is A Magic Moment. 

 And though her mother is the one who sleeps with my husband, Claude, on occasion, please don’t let that sway you.  I love her daughter and have watched her grow up.  So, I’m asking that you go and vote for her boquet at this web address.  It’s the first bouquet and has A Magic Moment under it.  The picture actually doesn’t do it as much justice.  I wish you could see and smell it.  It’s glorious.


 I thank you for doing this for me and for her and even for her cheating mother, my friend.  I’m going to vote right now.  If you will do it quickly because they only have a week, it will be appreciated.


Da Juana

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  1. Replylguyader
    I voted and I wanted to let you know it was the best one of the 3. Now I have a favour to ask in return. I have been job hunting for 2 years now after moving to a rural communitiy and have had no luck. It is at the point now that we will have to move back to the city with tail between our legs. We will have to move in with the kids if we move back until we get back on our feet. My husband wants to stay here and is desperate to make it work. Can I ask you to say a prayer that I find a job that will last more than 2 months. Is it selfish of me to ask. But I am so depesperate that my faith has sunken and need support. Thank you. I read you everyday. Love Linda

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