With all this rain,

With all this rain, I expect to see Noah come floating up with a menagerie of animals. Generally in Texas you might get a moment or two of rain but within thirty minutes the suns out and you’re good to go.

That hasn’t been the case for the past seven days and I thought it was only six days but who’s counting? For the last couple of days, we’ve at least seen some semblance of sun and believe me, it’s glorious. Not only does it raise everyone in this household’s spirits but it gives us some much-needed vitamin D, just not enough. Opening all the window shades, I look for even the smallest ray of sun.

And, I can’t mow the lawn which has grass that suffered from dehydration and then when the rains came jumped about six inches in growth over a two day period. Little Madeline gets her whole undercarriage soaked each time she visits the yard. For the first couple of rainy days she stubbornly refused to hit the yard until we got her own towel just so she’d know she had a chance of dryness after yard escapades. While visiting the restroom with her accusing eyes shining up at me, I heard her asking me why I could go to the bathroom in the house and she couldn’t.

Let me mention that I love a good rainy day but enough is enough.

Da Juana