With Mother’s Day coming up……

With Mother’s Day coming up, I thought I’d share this question.  “Do you know your mother?” Julie asked of me in the following email after reading my book, “Ghosts Talk:”More...

“Da Juana,
I am reading your book for about the third time and noticed the first time that you talked a lot of your father but not your mother so much.  I know that she left your family at an early age but do you still visit and have a good relationship with her and her family?”


That is something I rarely talk about but to answer your question, yes, I do still talk with my mother although I didn’t for many years.  My mother is a friend now and I want the very best for her but I don’t send her Mother’s Day cards either.  She isn’t that to me although I call her mother.  I don’t remember much about her as a mother figure except for some bad times but I guess those times stand out more in your memory after divorce unless your parents make memories of more enjoyable times. 

On a psychic level, I remember her being young and with the desire to experience more of life than what she had with us.  I don’t consider that right or wrong but I became the mother figure to my two younger brothers and in all ways, except sex, thank goodness, a wife to my father who didn’t remarry until I was about seventeen.  

Right now my mother is dealing with her husband’s eminent demise from pancreatic cancer.  I try to be there for her and know she’s having a hard time.  I won’t go into more there.  Her husband and I have a passing hello, goodbye relationship and I’m sorry that he has to endure this horrific trauma.

As I’ve explained before and will again, life is a spiritual lesson.  My life and the people in it are all learning.  Do I thank God that I’ve gone through the events in life I have even though they’ve not always been good?  You betcha except when I’m in the midst of them.  But even then I try to understand I’m living a karmic lesson and get on with making choices I think benefit me and those around me.  That’s why I’m here to open my life and teach what spirituality truly is.

Thanks for your question, Julie

Da Juana