Within a week before a disaster….

Within a week before a disaster, even though I may not predict it or stop to question what type horrible thing it is, I start to feel disoriented.

It’s a combination of feeling jittery, like I’ve had too much caffeine, becoming a little more air-headed, though Libra is my sign, and having a feeling of impending doom. It doesn’t matter where the event is going to happen. It only matters that I feel as if something is about to occur.

I think the human part of me doesn’t question because it really doesn’t want to know what incident is about to come into being because I know that others will be hurt. It’s something I can’t control and so I wait. At any rate, I get to be less than what I’m used to being in mental and emotional states.

Even after what’s happened in Japan, I’m still feeling a sense of doom. It’s not over yet and I don’t think we’re hearing the whole story although this world has become a much smaller planet with the advent of the computer.

Moreover, I don’t think that Japan is the only place that will see havoc. There’s more to come in the Arab States or branching out from those events that have already occurred. Even the English Isle is involved.

Since I can do nothing to help or stop these happenings, all I can do is to hang on until it’s over and pray for those that are part of cataclysmic occurrences.

Da Juana

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